13 July 2012

Friday List

Sarah's List:

New theory on morning sickness. Totally fascinating and worth reading to the end. Don't let the title throw you off. Or maybe it will suck you in.

I read this article a couple years ago when it first came out. It's resurfaced and is as interesting as ever. On ducking from divorce.

Would you ever take a vacation by yourself? I have twice this year...well okay I was with other people, but got in a lot of alone time. I definitely recommend it. Especially when you stay at this place.

tropic by paul bica, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  paul bica 

Responsibility begins at conception. Pretty sure a daily back rub during pregnancy should be included in this law. I totally had Adam convinced this was a medical necessity during my pregnancies. Almost worth being pregnant. Almost.

It's guaranteed the word "bandwidth" will come up in about 75% of our conversations in Kinshasa. Looks like Congo might soon join the 1990s in internet advancements. Does this mean there's a bigger, better, faster Mama Congo coming soon? Probably not. But thanks to Josh Baugher for keeping us apprised of what's going on at home.

Jill's List:

Really happy we are paying someone to do our taxes this year.  Working abroad suddenly made the old standard of Johan + Turbo Tax seem a little novice.

Remember our dedication to Moroccan Oil for Congo-induced frizz?  I'm being lured in by the pretty packaging of another product...

So happy this comes in gallon size.

Elias told me yesterday that he only likes it when we travel "back to Harrisonburg." Then he paused and added, "Or Congo, or Spain, or Dublin, or Cape Town."  Mark Bittman on travel.  I really liked this bit:
The humility required for genuine travel is exactly what is missing from its opposite extreme, tourism.

Did you know that "Full Episodes are not currently available"?  Now that I actually can stream, I can't watch the Colbert Report?!  What the what?  Sounds like there's a fight going on...

Need to read up on this before we leave.  Gotta get in my Federal Post Card Application...

Will be referring to this guide starting tomorrow.  Johan and I are off (sans kiddos) to Brooklyn for the weekend.  Wahoo!

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