27 October 2012

Friday List!

Sarah's List:

Let's get back in those pictures, moms.

 What!? I'm in  picture!

 A band from Kinshasa made up entirely of men with polio. Intrigued? Catch Staff Benda Bilili on their US tour.

No, it's not the year of the dragon in China, it's the year of the breastfeeding flash mob -a father's account.

Tiny foodscapes. Totally bizarre.  

The worst years of your life? I happened to enjoy my middle school, for the most part. Some thoughts on making it a bit better or at least less awful.

Cherokee Heights Dance 1984 by TheeErin, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  TheeErin 

President of the European Council meets Prime Minister of the DRC.

Google Art Project. Explore collections from MoMA to the White House. Google really is changing the world.

Jill's List:

Recently re-discovered this gorgeous blog.  I feel like Mrs. French is my style-twin.

Beautiful home via blissfulb via Design Files

Used this awesome tutorial to make Lou's Halloween costume.  Thanks, Alpha-Mom for helping me create my own petite chauve-souris!

Such an incredible photo by Jean Depara - who captured life in Leopoldville/Kinshasa between 1951 and 1975:

Really interesting personal perspective on tearing and post-birth complications.  Did you know that in France and some other places, it's super normal for women to be referred for special nether region therapy to ensure proper care and healing after a vaginal delivery?  Misplaced or totally smart?

I need some jogging headphones.  Any suggestions?  What does Otto Mond use?

Since it's not particularly easy to get new toys for our kids, we sometimes treat them to new things for "iPad time." This site is an incredible collection of the very loveliest kids Apps, electronic books, and games.  We're really enjoying this one right now:

Love fake-looking in glamourous people's makeup bags.  Awesome.

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  1. You two have collected some fascinating items, as is your wont. The almost-kiss photo is lovely, too. Thanks to you both, Sarah and Jill!


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