20 February 2013

BCG Revisited

Last week we did some shameless self promotion and showed off some of our favorite Mama Congo moments. As we looked through old posts, I noticed a strange phenomenon of readers finding us by searching "BCG vaccine" or "BCG baby scar" or "baby arm shot scar" or my personal favorite "le BCG."

It seems we've found a strange niche readership of people looking for images of what their child's BCG scar will look like. And strangely not a lot of moms are posting photos of their kid's vaccine scars. Weird, right?

I feel a sort of obligation, or blogligation if you will, to post an update of my children's scar progress. Hey, I've gotta give the readers what they want...

Remember this? 3 months after vaccine. I can not even begin to tell you what came out of that child's arm a week after this photo:

And today, one year later:

(Please note the hair progress and exceptional double fisted hand-mouth coordination.)

*And a special bonus scar photo. Charlotte 3+ years after BCG:

Coincidentally, last week the Lancet released a study conducted in Western Cape, Sough Africa -the exact source of my children's vaccines- saying BCG does nothing to prevent TB. Excellent. So we just have some really gnarly sister scars.

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