7 March 2013

Kinshasa on the Red Carpet

Did you see this? I finally watched the Oscars last night (I know, I know I'm a week behind. Blah, blah Argo wins). And this Congolese actress rocked some pretty great Vlisco pagne on the red carpet. She was so excited to be at the Oscars, she was the first one there. My kinda girl.

From thegrio.com.

Rachel Mwanza is an actress from DRC and was in the movie Rebelle (War Witch) about child soldiers. You might remember this made my list as a too-intense movie I most definitely will not be seeing. She lived for years on the street here in Kinshasa before she was in a documentary about Kinshasa street kids, aptly named Kinshasa Kids. Or as I think of it, another haunting movie I cannot handle. Félicitations Rachel!

Bonus: Check out Vlisco's celebration of Women's Month. And vote for DRC as your favorite country of inspirational women. Just think of the mamas!

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