25 June 2013

NY List!

Jill's List (NY Edition):

I think I creeped out the folks at Fox & Fawn today when I confessed at the register that I had been "dreaming of you all year."  So, then, realizing that I sounded freakish, I had to throw in the magic "I-live-in-the-Congo" phrase to turn the situation around.  But I do literally dream of their amazingly edited clothes for 10 months of the year...

Preparing to indulge in something along the lines of these tomorrow.  Thank you, Alice.

Found a bag.  Not what I thought I wanted, but I did.  Especially at that discount.

Johan took a picture of me and my funky (their word, not mine) wine at Marlow & Sons.  It's so incredibly enjoyable to eat really good food.

Found some amazing photos of Haitian solidarity in 1970's Brooklyn stuffed into a basket in this shop.  While I was leafing through, I realized that many of the snapshots in the pile also featured a person who I'm pretty sure is Morgan Tsvangirai.  Haven't figured that one out yet.

However, after seeing one too many adorable parent/kid groupings today...I'm officially really missing my two babies, who are having some quality grandparent time this week while we hang out with family in Brooklyn.  Email from my mom today:
So, E & L are playing house, with Elias as the father and Lou as the daughter. Do you guys call E & L "honey" and "sweetie pie"? 

So cute and funny….

(We actually call them "Bubba" and "Lucy girl" or..."chicken" - which sounds so much sweeter as the French "ma poule".  I really need to add some culture to my baby nicknames.)

Photo that accompanied the email.  I think they are surviving.  Sniff.

And.  Johan and I on a pier with Manhattan in the background.  Lovely.

Finally, I'm thrilled that Sarah is driving up to the city for an extra-special Thursday morning brunch...


  1. That sounds like a great time! I love the bag, Jill. I wanna hear more about this visit when you get back to Hburg!

  2. That last picture is dreamy classic.

    (Drink a glass of funky wine for me, please.)

  3. loved seeing you guys today!!!! wish we could have hung out for even longer. lina and i were gushing afterward about how great you two are. xoxoxoxo

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