8 December 2013

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Name that blue! Can you tell the difference between Facebook blue and Dell blue?

The Princeton class that teaches students how to be less selfish. A study in the most cost-effective giving. Check out where they unanimously chose to give.

Why millennials are so narcissistic. Is 30 really the new 18? 

But let's get back to me. Whether to put the ? or the ! first at the end of an exasperated sentence has really been bothering me lately. So I figured it out. These are my problems.

We'll never buy books over the internet and no online database will ever replace your daily newspaper. The internet is "baloney!" -Says this expert writing in Newsweek in 1995.

Old Computer (early 00s) by g4ll4is, on Flickr
Nothing good will ever come from this crazy machine.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  g4ll4is 

If for nothing else, the internet is good for this: genius Amazon reviews

Traveling this holiday season? Here are 15 types of people you will inevitably see in the airport. Seriously teenagers, why the pajamas?

A man tweeted his feud with a fellow air-passenger. He's rude and obnoxious and way out of line. But I kind of enjoyed it because I'm pretty sure I've flown with this woman at least a dozen times.

Why did it take me so long to find this website? African Prints in Fashion. Spectacular.

Mandela in DRC, from the ANC archives.

Cape Town from the boat to Robben Island, just before baby Charlotte was born.

Jill's List:

Speaking of South Africa (and I hope we all are), can't wait to see this.  I am entranced by the original British series. Everything about these films is interesting.  Especially as my own child is seven.  Makes me wonder who he will be at 14, 21, 56.  These documentaries force you to wonder if it is really possible to truly document without interfering?

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Every time I get on a plane I wonder if I will deliver an in-flight baby.  This is true...and absurd that I think about it every time, I know.  Chiamanda Ngozi Adichie writes about such a situation in this Op-Ed.  She gets me.

Airplane on the side of the road.  Accra, Ghana.

This is an interesting blog post that provides snapshot of some of the normal weirdness of life in Kinshasa. There have been several events to bring awareness to people with disabilities this weekend. Each one filled with huge inspiration...and amusing confusion.  A friend ran an 8K and ended up pushing a stranger in a wheelchair on an unmarked course in a torrential downpour. The guy who wrote this post attended a musical event with this scene:

...and onto the finale of Off Off festival…an open music event – it was fantastic – in the street on a huge stage – with really dangerous steps.  Wheelchair users were carried up onto the stage – so scary to see. Health and Safety is definitely not a priority here! There were people everywhere dancing and connecting, and every band contained disabled or deaf people – the talent here is limitless.  

Sarah wants to forward me this article.  I know she does.

Best stocking stuffers.  I ordered some for a delivery via my mom.  She has to bring the stockings too.

Everything is along these classic lines.

No way am I watching this.  I'm still haunted by that story about the girl with a ribbon around her neck...

Frank Weston Benson, Young Girl in Profile, Wikipedia

Best cardboard Christmas tree ever.  Three years and going strong.  Get one for yourself here.

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  1. I totally agree with the girl with the ribbon around her neck thing! That scared me beyond belief when I was a child. This is a good list. Nice work.


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