6 December 2012

Color Virgin

It's that time again.  Let's talk about Jill's hair.

Maybe I need a wig.

I'm sure Mamas Vida or YouYou would be glad to take me wig shopping.  It was be hysterical.  And such good blog material...

Remember how I said I was going to get my hair trimmed in Cape Town?  Well, I also asked for a "color consultation."  I don't even know if that is an actual cosmetological term, but it sounded like an official thing to request when booking my appointment.

You see, I don't know these things because I am a color virgin.

"Color Virgin" IS, in fact, an actual technical term.  At my last South African haircut, the guy used it repeatedly to describe me to his colleagues.  They thought it was absurd.  But it's true.  I've never highlighted, frosted, dyed, bleached, or otherwise chemically altered my hair.  Except for an awesome perm I got as the best 6th birthday present ever in the history of the world.

Instead of Kinshasa wig-shopping, I am asking for a "color consultation" and considering loosing my color virginity.  Why? Because the gray is sneaking in, folks.  Nothing too crazy yet: some patches that I wish were dramatic white stripes and predictable temple graying - yawn.  If I were actually prematurely grey/white - that would be exciting enough to wear proudly for shock and beauty.  But, I'm just run-of-the-mill dark-haired 30 year-old who exclaims, "Oh, my! I'm starting to go gray." Boring.

But, I'll admit that it does bother me a bit when groups of my 7th graders exclaim, "OHMYGOD! Ms. Jill has GRAY HAIR! OHMYGOD! You guys HAVE to see this!"

I think this quote aptly describes my feelings:
But that is the problem with hair once it starts to turn gray: there is no version of invisible. There is always the tell. To dye one’s hair is to confess to caring, to fighting age: it fools no one, although it reveals the effort to do so. It only tells the viewer that I am someone who is unwilling and unready to give in to the physical symbols of aging, which is its own social signaling. But not to dye one’s hair is to make a whole other statement: I am someone who does not care. And I am not ready for that one, either.
So - I've decided that Craig (at the Lobby) and I will have a little color consultation.  "Consultation" insinuating that there's no pressure to commit.  I could get a little color and at the same time, do a little cover-up operation.  But, if I decide I'm not ready, it's all good and nobody gets hurt and I can save myself for later, when the time is right.

Possibly, Craig will convince me that a really great deep conditioning treatment is just as good and much more reasonable for someone who only sees a hairdresser twice a year...plus gray is the new awesome.  

Or something like that.

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  1. First of all, you're adorable and you'd really have to look hard for the grey. Actually, I'm 38 but have been (don't hate me) looking forward to the grey. Just a bit. Just enough for people to take me a little more seriously. I have the persona of an insecure teenager and have always looked a lot younger than my age. Wear it with pride girl. Or... go ahead and have some fund with color. You can't lose...


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