1 February 2013

Friday List

Jill's List:

I talked about this list of drool-worthy sketchbooks in Thursday's post.  I can't stop thinking about them!  But, not sure if I can cheat on my "legendary" all-time favorite "used by artists, writers, intellectuals, and travelers."  (Johan and I's shared love of these products is a real cornerstone of our marriage.)

Image from here.

This is the craziest story.  I love stories like this.  What does that mean about me?

Story and image from the Smithsonian Magazine.

When DRCongo scored the first gorgeous goal of the game with Mali on Monday, the roar that arose from all around our walls caused Johan to yell (a little frantically), "What the hell is going on?!"  (I, smugly, remembered that there was an important game.) The cheers were followed by 10 minutes of frantic honking.  The last time we were that alarmed was when the arms depot exploded across the river last year. Unfortunately, as this headline tragically puts it, "Talent-Filled Mali Smother Leopards."

Found a new patisserie that is truly incredible.  Eric Kayser talks about the opening:
We will also open our first store in Central Africa, in Kinshasa, which is a very different environment. That has been a very strange project that I’ve loved. You can’t ignore Africa, it’s impossible. There is so much to do there on the high-end, luxury side, and on the mass production side to produce food to feed the people. 
Tiny strawberry tarts with real fruit instead of red gel paste.  Crispy-chewy baguettes.  Kusmi tea.  (Kusmi tea!?)  And fresh madeleines.  I'm still sad that I left my madeleine pans in Virginia. They were my go-to party trick.  This recipe.

Note to Self: Try this recipe just as soon as pans are rescued from storage space this summer.

I just realized that 30 Rock just ended.  Like today I realized this. I had no idea it was coming. Having a hard time with it.  Luckily, I'm a season behind.  All hail the expat media delay.

And.  Oh, Virginia.

Sarah's List:

I know I'm about a year (or more) behind, but Adam and I are obsessed with Homeland. Unfortunately my obsession has morphed into borderline PTSD. For example, I've jumped several times when I'm fairly certain I've spotted Abu Nazir in Kinshasa. Did you know by the end of Season 2 Claire Danes is hugely pregnant. How did she do it?! Oh wait, she used a body/belly double.

Image from here.

Six Toddler Games for Lazy Parents
. I don't know...some of these require using 2 hands.

Image from here.

A fascinating account of a trip to North Korea. Check it out: Sophie In North Korea.

Rare photo of non-staged ordinary N. Koreans. From here.

Looks like Obama served Cheez-Its at an Inaugural Ball. Delicious.

The Inaugural Ball That Ate Washington

If you're reading this, I'm probably here. I really should do them a favor and revamp their website. If only I knew how to do that... Watch for an upcoming review of the innkeepers-who should keep the heater cranked if they know what's good for them.

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