15 March 2013

The Mama-cation

I think there's something to be said for the mama-cation. As in the vacation that mamas take without their families. Jill and I both just got back from trips away from our families and we feel incredible.

Yes we were working, but honestly sometimes it feels oh-so-good to not be a mama. I don't think either of us would ever feel inspired to leave the country sans family, but when work requires it, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Every year before I leave, it pretty much sucks. I hate every sentimental moment. That last night you put your kids to bed. Imagining all the new words Ani will say or the gymnastics moves Charlotte will show off. "Do you remember this one? Mama, how about this one?" And every year I swear I'm never leaving them again.

But then I board the plane and it takes off...and the landing gear goes up and...ahhhh.

I read this article last year about the motherhood vacation. Once a year this woman heads out on her own and does whatever. the. heck. she. wants. Genius. She even took a photo of her bed.

I remember in extreme detail the hotel bed I slept in the first time I left 8-month-old, up-all-night, non-stop nursing Annaïs. I fell in love. With sleep. I went to bed and didn't wake up until the next morning. I think this must be the second most happiest moment a mother experiences after that moment your baby is born.

I can say this next part because Adam doesn't read Mama Congo, but there is no way, no how that I would ever let him leave me alone with our two children. I desperately love them, but they are co-conspirators to a professional degree. I have no idea how he does it for so many minutes..so many hours..so many days while I'm gone. Alone.

Sometimes Adam will go outside to put chicken on the grill and when he comes back a few minutes later all 3 of us are crying. And I give him that look of: What took you so long? Don't you ever, EVER leave me alone with these children again. In my defense, I swear they keep all their crazy in until they're with just their mother. Surely other mothers have noticed this phenomenon...

The mama-cation re-teaches you about yourself too. For example, did you know it takes me 90% less time to get ready in the morning when I am alone? The first morning I asked for my wake-up call way too early and spent 45 minutes staring at the wall, waiting to leave, thinking, "Wow, how did I do that so fast?"

It's also incredibly fulfilling to talk to your family via Skype and then when the meltdowns begin you simply say, "What? I can't hear you anymore? Everyone's screaming too loud. Okay, bye!" Click, hang-up.

From cupofjo's Would you Ever Take a Vacation By Yourself

Again, I can say all this because #1 Adam doesn't read Mama Congo and #2 during this last trip while I was away I booked us a vacation to Europe in a few weeks. Alone. Well together, but sans children. He deserves some time away from our dear girls too and solo trips out to the grill just aren't cutting it anymore.


  1. That settles it! In my next life I'm going to take my first ever Mama-cation!

  2. My all-time favorite vacation is sending the KIDS away and having the house to myself. (I'm such a homebody---which makes it all the more odd that we're living in Guatemala right now...)

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