26 April 2013

Friday List!

Jill's List:

Sarah and I realized we should start studying up on "third culture kids" or "modern global nomads"...or whatever they call themselves these days...because we have four between the two of us.  We're starting here.

Image from denizenmag.com

Oh really, Florida?  You're freaking out over those?  You've obviously never tripped over a family of giant snails while trying to find your way to your front door in the dark....and then eaten them in a delectable peanut sauce.

Image from National Geographic Daily News

I love photos.  I really, really do.  There's a reason I've subscribed to Aperture Magazine for 11 years. 

Image from Aperture.org

Image by Paul Kwilecki from NYTimes Lens Blog. 

And while we're discussing photography, let's talk about llamas.

Image by Jen Osborne for Colors Magazine.

Good news if you are white, well-off, emotionally stable, and educated!  What do you think about this American Psychological Association article on the secrets of a happy marriage?

Beautiful image by Bruce & Rebecca found on Miss Moss.  (Isn't this Karoo setting incredible?  Oh, South Africa...)

Don't you wish you could qualify as a "modern Mennonite" too?

And yeah, I totally know that girl.  No biggie.  Image from the WSJ's Metropolis.

I posted this article on my Facebook page and caused a ruckus.  So, I'm posting it here too!  Apparently, this is a very controversial suggestion:
We must begin to see our fellow human beings as precisely that:  fellows.  They need not be friends, but they must be counted as worthy of our respect, bearers of dignity in their own right.  Those who struggle must no longer be seen as failures, but more often as unlucky, and perhaps worthy of our extending a hand.  Those who come to our shores, whatever our policy toward them, must be seen as human beings seeking to stitch together a decent life rather than as mere parasites upon our riches.  Those who are unhealthy must be seen as more than drains upon our taxes but instead as peers that, but for good fortune, might have been us.

Image from the Opinionator Blog.

Sarah and I have both done this with our babies on a part-time basis.  More out of laziness and a general distaste for diaper changing than anything else.  But, it works!

Image from the NYTimes

Vintage image from Ashley.

Sarah's List:

I can't stop thinking about this article: Why women should embrace a "good enough" life. Jill and I got into a really great discussion about this in her office this week. There may or may not have been tears. My only issue with this is that the "good enough" life seems pretty great. I want to hear more retrospectives from mothers just ahead of us.

Image from the WashingtonPost.com, here.

Why does American lose its head over "terror" but ignore its daily gun deaths? Good question. I think we should be losing our heads over both until there are no more heads lost.

Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images. From here.

I've bought birth control in a lot of countries (don't judge me!) and you know where it was the easiest? Answer: In the "Conservative Islamic Dictatorship" of Egypt. You know the hardest place? The USA. Here's an interesting opinion: Put the pill on drugstore shelves. Pregnancy is more dangerous than birth control

Photo by Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images. From here.

Okay, let's get to the important political issues. Did you know Obama loves Sno-Cones? Like really loves Sno-Cones? SnObama does. Totally hilarious.

"Eyes on the Ice." From here.

Have you seen/heard this? Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever. Adam and I listened and I just got all stressed that I wasn't relaxing. 
From ApartmentTherapy.com.

Today is Adam's birthday. Mama Youyou will be making him this. And this. This guy is throwing him a party. And for my gift, I made the coffee this morning. (Hey, I offered to make breakfast, but he said that would just stress him out too much.) Happy Birthday, dear one. 

Way back when he was 31. Photo credit Jill Humphrey.

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  1. Just read the article about "a good enough life." I would've loved to be in that office discussing it with you two.


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