22 May 2013

Toe Paint

 An early childhood education expert once told me that toenail painting is a great activity for toddlers.  Like with real polish.

"It's excellent for fine motor skills!" she said.

I was still hesitant to actually let Loulou hold the brush.  "It's so not worth it," I thought.  I had too many visions of white couches spattered in Mezmerised or Moon Rendezvous.

Until the other day.  Which is when I walked into the living room and saw this:

Or rather, this:

Just the right amount of helping hand.

Mama Vida was letting, or more accurately, encouraging my just-three year old paint her toes a perfect purple all by herself - on the white chairs.

And the sky did not fall.

In fact, she did a pretty great job and was supremely pleased with herself.

Sarah told me one time that she often asks herself, "What would Mama YouYou do?"  I realize that I do the same.  What would Mama Vida do?

She would climb a starfruit tree after leaving work - even if she is a fifty-something woman.  She would take 3 hour long adventure walks through the rainforest with little children still unsteady on their feet.  She would read gigantic piles of books with babies despite imperfect literacy skills.  She would let them eat Nutella. She would give lots of hugs.

The other Mama in the house made me realize that I need to chill out and give my kid some credit.  All that with just a little Flirt by Revlon.

*Pssst.  This is post #200.  Wahoo!*

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