12 June 2013

We're on World Moms Blog!

We're taking a mini blogging break as we commence our summer vacations and reorient to all things American (read: eating lots of food).

But have no fear. Check out Mama Congo's inaugural post today on World Moms Blog. What? Never heard of World Moms Blog? Maybe you missed their recent "Must Read" mention in the New York Times. Or the Forbes List of Top Websites for Women. No big deal.


But seriously, it's a great community of mamas doing their international thing. And we're thrilled to be included. Go world moms!


  1. Congratulations to all you two mamas and all the mamas you write about!

  2. Welcome to World Moms Blog, Sarah and Jill! So glad you're there. :)

    Jen :)

  3. Wow! That's great! I think it is amazing when moms from all over the world have the opportunity to share experience and gather it from other moms. For example, to help my kids with their home assignments, being tired, I use homework help online services.


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