3 September 2013

Monday's Street in Naked Repose

Here are fourteen images from the Kinshasa street yesterday.

The photos remind me of what Walker Evans said about his time secretly capturing 1930's subway riders with a miniature camera inside his coat:
 “The guard is down and the mask is off,” he wrote, “even more than when in lone bedrooms (where there are mirrors). People’s faces are in naked repose down in the subway.”1
I am also shocked by the number of eyes that seem to be looking directly at me and my camera, despite my best attempts at covert car-window-phone-photography.  I feel almost embarrassed looking at them.

Glad for Hipstamatic in all it's random filtered glory, but wishing I could just use my Canon without risking an angry earful or worse at every turn. Maybe Tchic can actually help me get that press pass this year...


  1. I love street photos! (Would people really get mad at you if you used your Canon?)

  2. Great pics! Thanks so much for posting these. They made me want to visit again!


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