3 May 2014

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Of utmost importance: What is this goddess doing with George Clooney? (My beloved Slate covered it best.)

The power of female friendship. Amen sister.

Breslau - Friends
Louise Catherine Breslau [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Best Written TV shows of all time.

What it feels like to have malaria. This article makes a good point about malaria and time taken off work. I'd say, in our place of work, at least one person is out every day due to a health issue we don't have to deal with in the developed world.

A great post on infertility. The high school diploma metaphor really hit home.

And Adam and I recently acquired almost every season of The Amazing Race. Thus we are watching them all, in order. It's a fascinating study on the evolution of reality TV culture. FYI: The first season is unbearably boring and Phil Keoghan looks 15 years-old. Here's what it's like to be a contestant on the show.

Jill's List:

A really important perspective on those striking "before they pass away" photos that have been circulating around.
The message found there is this: let us, the tainted citizens of modernity, bask in the beautiful simplicity and cultural purity of these exotic people of color before they become corrupted beyond redemption by the burdensome complexity of our lives. While you’re at it, make sure to take special note of the photographer’s unique ability to tame these mysterious and wonderful tribes with his inexhaustible charm.

Are you an adult that doesn't know how to swim?  Well, learn! It's not just about you.  A sneak peek photo from an upcoming post showing you why you really don't have an excuse anymore:

Displaying photo.JPG

Ruth Reichl has a new book!  Wait.  It's a novel?


Memorizing these NYC tips.

I teach sex ed and this video about consent is important.  Especially in light of all of this news.

And why purposeless walking is good - and dying.

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  1. The swimming can't be stressed enough. When my daughter was 9 years old (and a Red Cross Level 5 swimmer) she almost drowned in our neighborhood pool when a child who couldn't swim panicked and held onto her, pushing her under. My daughter wound up in ICU and it made many of us realize how dangerous non-swimmers are to even excellent swimmers.

    Interesting world's deadliest animals info!


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