12 April 2012

Jungle Land

Okay.  I'm struggling with feelings of deep failure over missing a post yesterday.  Sarah and I have researched this and being inconsistant on your blog is NOT THE WAY TO WIN OVER READER'S HEARTS AND MINDS.

But, I will, issue a two-part blame for this incident.

1.) It was not my fault.  It was the Internet.  I swear.
2.) Easter Break laziness played just a small part.  (In that, yes...I could have taken my neighbor up on a kind offer to use a third-party Internet USB thingamajig while standing in the middle of the soccer pitch so that it would actually work and posted a little word to you fine folks.  But, Easter Break eased my usual compulsive sense of misplaced responsibility and I did not do that.)

Instead, yesterday, we went to Jungle Land.

I asked Elias what he thought was at Jungle Land.  He said, in no particular order:

1.) Bouncy castles.
2.) Slides
3.) Metal cages full of animals that the kids can play around but not with.

This is what we found:

1.) Weird bouncy things.  Lots of them.  (Blow-up bouncy party structures are big business in Kinshasa.  We personally know at least one person who owns one to rent out.  She makes a pretty little penny on it too.)

2.) Slides.  Check.

3.) But no caged animals.  Lou was not pleased with this disappointment: 

Instead, my kids happily played with miniature plastic houses like they were at Disney Land.  They obviously do not remember that these things are ubiquitous to American backyards.


Lou & Charlotte bounced on the see-saw for awhile.  No one looked particularly happy, but no one wanted to get off either (except for that poor guy who's job it is to bounce two-year olds on a see saw).

It rained a little Seattle-style drizzle and we went to the inside ball pit.  I was kicked out for being sock-less.  Adam somehow managed to sneak by.  He's such a rebel.

Afterwards, we celebrated our not-an-amusement-park success with the $6 "Business Lunch" at Hector Chicken.  Yeah.  That's right.  $6.  For chicken, fries, and a drink.  In Kinshasa (land of the $18 sandwich).  The owner is terrifying at first, but then gives small screaming children little toys.  Amazing.

You should have seen the sign proclaiming "Free Range Chicken."  Awesome.  Our Hector Chicken didn't quite look like this: (Ack! I need my pink arrow capabilities back...)

Such a funny little Kinshasa outing.  The kids totally dug the huge amusement park and fancy fast food.

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