17 April 2012


All I have to say is that Sarah started this.

She posted this challenge the other day:
Anthony Bourdain says the only place he's never been and wants to go is Congo. Come on over, Tony.
So, I was all, "I LOVE Anthony Bourdain!  Isn't he great?  What if we could really get him to come here?  Oh wow!  What a super great idea, Sarah."  (I really talk like that.)

And she says, "What are you talking about? I can't stand Anthony Bourdain.  He's an idiot.  I just thought it was good that Congo got a plug on American television."

Sarah and Paula Deen.

Or maybe Anthony Bourdain started this.  He was the one who told Jon Stewart that the DRC was on his list of haven't-been but wanna-go countries. I find it hard to imagine that Tony would need a hook-up (isn't he already friends with Tim ButcherHoly Congo!), but maybe he needs a little more motivation?  So, we'll start the chorus this week:

Sure, Tembo is great.  But, the main reason anyone should visit Congo?  Well, Tony actually said it quite eloquently himself:
 Because it's essentially the same story every week of a guy going somewhere, eating stuff and coming back, we're definitely making an effort to try and get into places like Libya and the Congo to tell some more difficult stories. This is not a political show, but I think that what people eat is, in itself, very political. Without having us tell people one way or the other how I feel, just by showing what people eat and don't eat in a place, and how they feel about their food, and how they behave around their food ... that gives me a lot of satisfaction, particularly when it's places that surprise people. I like being surprised. I like, at my age, being forced to learn stuff. Big stuff and little: learning how to order breakfast in a country where I don't speak the language and haven't been before -- that's really satisfying to me. I like that

Surprise?  Forced to learn?  Is that what you like?  Well then, Tony, COME TO MAMA!

(stay tuned.)


  1. I think he's less an idiot and more a pompous jerk. Prove me wrong, Tony...

  2. http://www.thebraiser.com/anthony-bourdain-cnn-locations/#6


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