15 June 2012

Friday List!

Jill's List:

Obsessing about style.  Beginner & Advanced.

Currently sitting with my finger poised over the "Add to Cart" button.  Cheaper than the cost of a new lens for my Canon, and much more practical for photography in Kinshasa.  No doubt the 5 will be out the second I press "Place Order."

N'djili Airport, Kinshasa.  Hipstamatic.

Finding it funny to watch people's reactions when Lou insists on shouting "Bonjour!" anytime we enter anywhere in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA.  I think I'm proud after reading this reading this article.

Been considering how to convince my mother-in-law to sew me this out of some of the pagne I brought back as her gift.  That's not weird.

Trying to convince my parents to take me out for strawberry pancakes at the Little Grill.  It's JUNE, good grief.  Strawberry pancakes are only the special for a limited time.

Which leads me to waffle obsessions.  Namely, how to make them at home in Kinshasa.  We must dig out this gem from the Virginia storage space and bring it back with us.  Then, since pearl sugar is available for about 1000CDF ($1.50) in Kinshasa (the remnants of colonial influence) vs. the $15 at Whole Foods, we can make massive amounts of these:

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