22 June 2012

Friday List!

Sarah's List:

Tipped off by good friend Andrew Jenner to Vice's Guide to Congo. An excellent five-part series. Look for Andrew's guest post coming up on Mama Congo.


Can you tell me how to get...how to get diapers without Sesame Street characters on them? Some good points about advertising and our children. And finally someone asks why newborn diapers always have a design with yellow swirls that fool all new parents into thinking their baby has a dirty diaper. This tripped us up every time, with both babies.

Remember this pic from this post? Jill and I both marveled at how beautiful this diaper is. Man, so beautiful.

Best part of my morning was seeing Robin Roberts' face when Maggie Gyllenhaal used the word vibrator twice before 8am. Anyone seen this movie?

I know I'm the last person on the planet, but I'm loving the show Girls. Nothing beats a funny girl in my book. Totally worth it just to watch Brian Williams' beautiful daughter. And in an interesting plot twist, Adam has become a bigger fan than me. He somehow manages to say, "It's just like that one time in Girls," in most conversations.

Speaking of working Girls into every conversation, here's a piece about f-ing redheads. As Ani's hair starts to peek out, we might have two redheaded girls on our hands. Only once has someone said, "Well, let's just hope that hair color is just a phase."

Even better than the unknown side of the by e³°°°, on Flickr
Redheads unite.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  e³°°° 

Jill's List:

Let's talk about this decorated diaper issue.  After peeling Lou out of the weird Turkish diapers we bought for the plane ride, I was ready to splurge for my old, I'm-a-lazy-hippie, standby of Seventh Generation diapers.  I mainly like them because they are an earthy shade of brown and nothing else.  They are aesthetically pleasing as far as diapers go.  No longer.  I went to buy a pack at the Friendly City Food Co-op and found that Dr. Suess has attacked them.  I'm not the only one who's mad.   How quickly I get picky after re-entering.

Just because we've become semi-famous for our attention to eyebrows on this blog.  The NYTimes is copying us and doing salon pieces.

Donna Alberico for The New York Times

Johan just got back from a 5 mile run with our favorite ultra-marathoner.  I'm super jealous.  It's not that I like running.  I don't at all.  But, I have been so busy this week that I haven't gotten to exercise.  And I'm really grumpy about it.  Am I like these people?

Have you all read this article?  Thoughts?  I have definitely made less-ambitious (or weirder.  move to Africa, anyone?) career choices because I have two young children who I'd rather spend time with.  I'll save my upcoming, lauded, high-powered, international public health career for later.

And, more from the Atlantic.  We talk about this "idea" a lot at my job place.  So interesting.

Not in the Congo, we don't.  See:

Oh, the French.  Adorable.

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