18 August 2012

Friday List!

Jill's List: 

Found this great travel blog.  Which then led me to this little tool.  Which might prevent me from tearing out all of my hair in the process of trying to understand Frequent Flyer Miles programs.  Arrrggghh!

Everyone at my house is a little nutty.  Don't they say that it takes as many days as hours of travel to get over jet lag?  Maybe we should have tried this?

Happy that I bit the bullet and just bought this instead of a bulky new lens for my Canon. You'll see why in future posts...

Elias refuses to talk about school.  Well - that's not totally true.  But he has ALWAYS hated answering questions that I love to ask.  Like, "What did you read today?  Did you write in your journal at school?  Did you sing any songs?"  He says things like, "Mama, when you ask those questions you are disturbing my peace."  Should we try this?

Part of my job includes teaching sex ed to Middle Schoolers. Now you're all really jealous of me, right?  It's actually super interesting and even...dare I say it...fun.  This article is an interesting discourse on how parents could/should/do/don't approach teenage sexuality.

These pictures are so freaky.  Space pictures have always induced vertigo for me.  (But they are amazing.)

I'm so embarrassed (so, I thought I'd share on the blog).  I downloaded this.  And am using it.  It involves a lot of inspirational British pop.  And in this Dry Season, my ankles are completely black with dirt by the time I'm done.

Wowzers of an Op Ed, Tom. Now I'm really curious. Which Rage Against the Machine song is Paul Ryan's favorite?

Wondering what the heck is going on in Eastern Congo?  You should be.  It's horrible.  Read more here.

Sarah's List:

When your whole country is a closet. My rule of thumb is to avoid this topic like the plague while living on this continent.

People always ask if it's possible to drive across Congo. I always say no. Turns out I'm wrong. You can follow the US Embassy's not-so-easy trek from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi on Facebook. Just friend them here.

I've always been fascinated by this guy, so I'm finally reading his book Chief of Station, Congo: Fighting the Cold War in a Hot Zone. It's been added to my recommended Congo reading list and I'm only on chapter 3.

It's back to school week here in Kinshasa. All the kids rolled in Monday morning with their shiny new school supplies. These multicultural pencils have started popping up in backpacks. They're perfect for TASOK students. Which made me think of the Pantone skin color project.

The Colours by Rocco Lucia, on Flickr
What's your Pantone color?
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Rocco Lucia 

Remember these guys? My first impression was totally right. Some have "mysteriously disappeared" after the Olympics in London.

Though he's barely even heard of Mama Congo, this one's for Adam.

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