28 May 2013

Exciting News!!

We have barely been able to contain ourselves. A few months ago Mama Congo got an email from Joanna Goddard. You heard that right.

If you are in the slight margin of people who have yet to discover her blog, A Cup of Jo, please check it out. She is our blogoddess, if you will. We've spent the last few years referring to her as if she is our friend. "Did you see what Jo's talking about today?" has started many-a conversation. I'm pretty sure I read her blog more than I read Mama Congo, so you can only imagine our excitement when her email popped up in our inbox.

Beautiful blog header from here.  She just put up a post on pretend shopping.  We are officially kindred spirits.

Her good friend/assistant for the series wrote to say that she and Jo "could not stop reading" Mama Congo.

We could barely breathe.

You see, a few months ago Joanna put up a post looking for parents abroad. Some of our loyal readers forwarded it to us (as if we would have missed it!) and we replied.

Since then, Jill and I have been emailing back and forth with them working on our very own Mama Congo post which will appear on A Cup of Jo sometime in the near future.

We've reached the point where our husbands can no longer pretend to be excited, so we wanted to share the news with you.

And please help us become a real blog by following us. Over there, in the upper right-hand corner. We recently discovered the concept of "followers" at a BBQ when someone asked us how many followers we have. And we said, "Huh, wha? Oh, tons!" Then we looked it up and saw only our parents "follow" us. So we've put it on our homepage to make it easier for you to find! 

**Update: So it seems a lot of you follow us anonymously. That's cool too. You don't have to admit it. 


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