8 May 2013

That Light

There is the particular and unreal light that hits on some evenings - at around 6:10, right before sunset.  All photographers know the Golden Hour. It's when everyone and everything looks soft and gorgeous - like they all stepped out of some beautiful novel. Imperfections disappear and all is perfect.

For example, at least 3 out of our 4 children were crying during the seconds between each of these shots. But, thanks to the Golden Hour, I don't really remember the nasty mood I was in after wrangling those sticky little bodies, bribing for acceptable smiles, and repeatedly wiping the Congo-shine from my face. Instead, as I look at these images, I recall a blissful evening in my jungle backyard with my darling children and good friends.

So, basically, the golden hour is to memories like oxytocin is to labor - wiping your memory clean of the nasty bits and convincing you to do it all again.

I swear this magic time must be at its most persuasive here in the Congo.

All photos by some combination of J. Humphrey, J. Grimsrud, A. Sensamaust, S. Sensamaust.


  1. What a lovely post! I don't remember the Golden Hour, but maybe I was just too focused on all the peeps. You have no idea how precious these pics are to all of us Grandys living so far away and longing to hug and kiss the Grands.


  2. Lovely fotos, greeting from Belgium.


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