29 May 2014

The First Goodbye

So, it's begun.

The Goodbyes.  A thing so profound that capitalization is required.

Dr. Laure came by yesterday for a final porch chat.  We talked about babies and medicine and trying to make life a little easier and a little safer for women in Congo. We talked about New York and Burkina Faso and Kinshasa.  We bemoaned la douleur de la séparation.  The first Goodbye.


  1. We're moving back to the States in under three weeks, so I totally understand! Good luck? I guess, "take it all in" is more appropriate. Just remember, the process is always the worst part. Being in the new place won't be so bad. :)

  2. Quick! Everyone who needs a little more support through a big transition, read this: http://www.thecultureblend.com/?p=1383 (Thanks, Stephanie.)


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