29 May 2014

The First Goodbye

So, it's begun.

The Goodbyes.  A thing so profound that capitalization is required.

Dr. Laure came by yesterday for a final porch chat.  We talked about babies and medicine and trying to make life a little easier and a little safer for women in Congo. We talked about New York and Burkina Faso and Kinshasa.  We bemoaned la douleur de la s├ęparation.  The first Goodbye.


  1. We're moving back to the States in under three weeks, so I totally understand! Good luck? I guess, "take it all in" is more appropriate. Just remember, the process is always the worst part. Being in the new place won't be so bad. :)

  2. Quick! Everyone who needs a little more support through a big transition, read this: http://www.thecultureblend.com/?p=1383 (Thanks, Stephanie.)


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