9 May 2014

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Look what I found while packing up our house...

Compare that total to this, giving birth in the U.S. is more expensive than any other country in the world. Total costs average $18,329 for a vaginal delivery and $27,866 for a C-section, with the bulk of the bill going to insurers. However, families with insurance still have to pay about $3,400 out of pocket. Wowzers! Thank you South Africa for my first class and affordable birth.

A fascinating read on the man who first "discovered" Ebola and his return to Congo 40 years later.

Congratulations to the first female coach in men's top-tier, professional soccer!

Roger Federer just had his second set of twins?! Those Swiss are so gosh darn efficient.

Ever notice how many novels about Africa have an orange sky and acacia tree on the cover?

From Africa is a Country.

We're making our shopping list for our summer trip to the States. Check out The Sweethome. They do all the comparison shopping for you.

And here's their sister site for electronics: The Wirecutter.

Not that I'm in the market for one, but has anyone ever heard of Korea's answer to the Ergo baby carrier? Folks on Amazon are freaking out over the Pognae.

Pognae USA!

Jill's List:

Congolese airport as playground.  "The Land" in real-life. (If you want to see more truly spectacular images from around the world, check out Michael Christopher Brown's Instagram and professional pages.)

Permission to use photograph given by artist.  Thanks, Michael!

A new, stylish online mothering magazine.  Happy Mother's Day!

Go here to read beautifully photographed articles about magazine-y type topics with a mother-twist.

And then, there's Instagram moms.

Fancy coffee.  Can't wait to occasionally indulge at a few of these spots.

Johan's Father's Day fancy coffee 2013.  This year, he'll be celebrating NY style.

Rappers rule (linguistically speaking). 

Loulou explained in the moment above, "This is my baby, Mary. She has malaria."

What do your children call their Baby Boomer grandparents?  Us:  Omi & Pop, Gma & Boss.  (Yes, there is a story behind "Boss".)  A non-traditional favorite of mine?  "Pippi"!  I have two friends who use this instead of "Grandma".

This video made me think of the Ndaya original we have in our house.  Leaving Congo and want an amazing reminder of your time here while supporting a local artisan?  Try a handmade guitar.  Call Ndaya (center, below) and he'll meet you in an alleyway in Bandal which doubles as his workshop. 

And.  KIMA MBANGU (Run Fast)!  Our Annual 5K Run/Walk will be held next Saturday, May 17 on the TASOK campus for those of you in Kinshasa.  Even if you are in a different time zone, you should still take the time to read about Les Fonds Pour les Femmes Congolaises, an amazing local organization making a real, visible and holistic impact on the lives of Congolese women.  All of our proceeds will go to these great projects for the third year in a row.  An excellent partnership!


  1. Hey Sarah, guess what? In Luanda, Angola at a private clinic, the cost of a vaginal birth can be as high as $30,000! I didn't bother to ask what a C Section might be. Outrageous, which is why a lot of Angolans come to Congo, yes Congo, Bas Congo Province in particular, for their health care

    1. Holy cow! I wonder if there's anything else as universal as birth with such a crazy price disparity?

  2. good question. Health care prices are definitely out of control there and quality does not compare with Congo.
    Here in Congo we pay someone to watch our cars around 500 francs or roughly 50 cents right. Well in Angola the going rate is the equivalent of 5 dollars. Forget going out to eat. The lowest denomination of phone recharge cards is $10, here you can get one for 50 cents. It is crazy for sure.


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