25 February 2012

fish from the sky.

This week, we were having dinner on the porch:

A couple of chickens, rice, squash.

All four adults and all four children: 

sarah, annaïs, adam, & charlotte
Loulou, Johan, me, Elias

When the sky opened up and dumped these everywhere:
Les grêlons.  Hailstones.  Massive ice cubes from the clouds.  Pounding on our roof.  Knocking down palm branches.  Pummeling everything.
The next morning, no one could tell us the French word for hail (I had to ask a Belgian friend for the translation).  Kids at school refused to believe it had actually happened.  Mama Vida was overjoyed that I had saved some in the freezer for her to see up close.

Joseph, who works with Sarah in the library, reported that no, he had never seen this ice fall from the sky before, but, he said, "I've seen fish."

"Fall from the sky?!" Sarah asked.

"Yes." Joseph replied, smiling slyly, and returning to his work.

Fish from the sky.  Who knows? It might be true...

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