16 February 2012

great place to raise a kid, right?

Look for Congo on any ranking of quality of life, poverty rate, violence per square meter, etc. and we don’t fare well. Great place to raise a kid, right? 


Well, actually, yes. 

What we lack in first world standards, we make up for in mamas. My girls call at least 3 women “mama,” maybe more depending on the day. I know when they mean me by the tone, which is usually “Mah-MAH!” 

Soon after Charlotte was born Mamicho came into our lives. Although her name doesn’t start with a proper “mama” the prefix mami means “little mama.”  And her own children call her Mamicho, so I guess it really does mean mama. Mamicho has toted my first born around on her back from infancy to toddlerhood.

When Annaïs came along we soon realized there wasn’t room enough on Mamicho’s back for two babies so in came nanny #2, Mama Youyou. (Commence Brad and Angelina jokes.)  

 Honestly, it took a bit of adjustment time for everyone to find their roles in the house. Really, my main mama role is nursing the baby and then getting out of everyone’s way. Our tiny house has lots of women, lots of languages and lots of love.  

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