3 May 2012

Build It! With Mupwa: Tiki Torches

For our grand Gala the school held last weekend, we needed something to make it really magical.  Our entertainment, The Kinshasa Symphony (a.k.a Kimbanguiste Symphony Orchestra, seen here and here and here and here:)...

...needed a special touch to light their way.

Sarah suggested we ask Mupwa, because he always knows how to conjure up a little something special.  He claims the ability to create just about anything: flowers, vegetables, medicine, houses, and - most importantly for today's story - tiki torches.

So - the first "Build It! With Mupwa" is all about tiki torches.  He orchestrated this entire "how to" photo essay, posing for important moments in the process and telling me when to take a picture.  I just followed his instructions.

He was unsure about a suitable bamboo replacement for those of you without a forest of it in your backyard.  Mainly, he just felt sorry for you.  Don't you know how useful bamboo is?  How do you get on without it?

Here you go:

 I obviously got distracted by the steps...and lost count.  Ah well.

Why is Mupwa laughing hysterically?

Because I suggested that maybe some of our friends in the United States might try to build Tiki Torches at home, with PVC pipes instead of bamboo.  

If any of you actually try this - you know you owe Mupwa some photos.  He would LOVE it.  And laugh hysterically at you.

Good luck.

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