11 May 2012

Friday List.


The things you imagine about your fellow plane passengers - all on one, pants-inspired, list.


Twitter is the first place I go to find out what the heck is going on during local explosions and elections.  Kenya police apparently have the same idea...



This sounds like Ira Glass should come and investigate.  Ira, we have a spare bedroom.

Can't wait for a reunion with Jim of Elk Run Farm at the Harrisonburg Farmer's Market next month.  He's our go-to guy for weird wild greens, incredible pork sausage, and jam made by his wife, Susan.  Oh man...did I mention that this is going to be the summer of salads.  I cannot wait to gorge myself on reasonably-priced (i.e. not $50/head/bunch/wilted sprig.), insanely fresh, Virginia lettuce.

As we enjoy our newly Chinese-paved roads here in Kinshasa, this article is very interesting.

After a year of intensely strategical methods for getting an expensive, injectable, heat-sensitive medication to the Congo, I'm intrigued by this article discussing a new pill offering the same benefits (and risks) as the miraculous Humira I currently take for a pesky post-baby rheumatoid arthritis problem.

Interesting news for U.S. expats expecting to vote...


Spent the day sick in bed yesterday. I secretly love being sick. The misery of an illness is kind of worth the time alone. And I got to watch an embarrassing number of Top Chef episodes. Made me think about how much Adam and I love Master Chef Australia. Seriously, this show makes every other competition show look one dimensional. Australia knows how to do its TV shows. When Master Chef airs, it's on 6 nights a week for 4 months. That's some serious commitment. I'm pretty sure Adam cried during the finale. (Okay, I'm not "pretty sure," it happened folks.)

Jill and I keep thinking about writing a post about baby names. In the meantime, here's an article about how adults feel about a lifetime with a weird name.

Holy Breastfeeding Controversy. Is everyone talking about this? Her husband would pump for her while she slept? Is this woman a genius or crazy? I haven’t read the article, but apparently there’s a tie-in to my favorite pediatrician of all time, Dr. Sears. Maybe he goes crazy in this article, I have no idea. But I love his Baby Book and philosophy of you’re doing okay no matter what.

This is the only video game I’ve ever played. Ever. (Okay, except for Snood which got me through college). But my dad and I used to play Wolfenstein and my mother HATED it. Which made me think, of course, it was awesome. Who else remembers this?

Fascinating list of where else in the world same-sex marriage is legal. I guess we’re not that cool after all. South Africa, really? And I thought I couldn’t love that place more.  Rainbow nation.

Izigqibo Band | IMG_9592 by jikatu, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  jikatu 

Happy Mother's Day. I think the husbands are making Jill and me a hamburger lunch on Sunday. I almost had Adam convinced Mother's Day was last weekend. Two weekends of hamburgers would have been awesome.

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