17 July 2012

Nuggets of Wisdom from Congo's Dog Whisperer

One of our favorite Congo characters is our dear friend Joseph Kukemboko. Over the years he's served as our dog walker, French tutor, personal assistant and good friend. He often keeps our dog, Falafel for us. I've saved up some of the email updates he's sent us about his time with Falafel. 

Joseph + Esther (and Falafel.)

 Here are some highlights and nuggets of Joseph wisdom for your personal enjoyment. (Keep in mind English is Joseph's fifth, maybe sixth language.) Some excerpts:

From yesterday Monday evening, there must be something of good understanding between me and my friend Falafel, and you can't imagine the conversation we had on Sunday evening. The conversation happened as he came close to me from about 5h00 pm and until 8h00 pm. I told him, as a good friend, to trust me, for it is a principle of friendship between loyal people: the more you trust, the more you receive. I said to myself, I won't sleep in the bedroom, but on the sofa in the sitting room. That was great. Some time he left his bed and came to my place, so we slept together. Since then we have trusted each other and all the dogs are fine, even with the cat. They eat well and after 2h00 we go for walk and game. You know, I really love them, and I am here for them.

Have a very nice and safe holiday.

I am so glad for reading you again, as here, not long time past. For about 15 minutes ago, as I was polishing my shoes in the kitchen, one of the guys came to help me there, when I saw him, I said: what a good friend. You should surely know who that friend is, Falafel. Yes, he is the one. We have made a very good progress, and with him (Falafel) I don't have much trouble.

I went on my experience to know exactly how much food he needs in the whole day (morning and afternoon), as I already know it for the others. Since I care for this, like last night he slept very quietly as never before. When he left his bed to find me, it was just to tell me good morning at 6h00, as we used to go out for the first walk before the breakfast at 7h30. Fantastic! And it seems that some other people may discover that I care for the dogs.

But to say the truth; I, with my young brothers have learned this from our father whom in the past when we were teenagers was making business on the sale of animals. He bought them from villages and sold them in Kinshasa. And all the time before he travelled to Kinshasa for sale, it was our responsibility, my brother and I, to look after those animals. And yesterday I told the one electrician: when I decided to keep my hen my hens were able to leave their way and follow me, as when I came from the bush, and on my way back, as people greet me or talk to me, so when they hear my voice, I can see them running to me until we go home. And there I could offer them some rice. And I am very pleased that I can do it here again with all these good guys here, and I like them.

Sincerely your's,

As you may imagine, we had a very great time of Christmas with all my good friends here. We preferred to look very good on that day, so they had a bath on Wednesday. And yesterday we had a wonderful time of games and congratulated with some treats of Dog biscuits. As I am writing, I just told them greetings from you, they are all excited and a happy ending with one treat of biscuits just now. Falafel likes it and is requiring one more. This means that we are fine, and even in the town, it's quiet here.

Thank you guys for writing and for reading this one again.

Truly your's,

Everyone is very happy by hearing that you're coming back very soon. I will make sure my friends will sing a joyful song and dance to say welcome back. Because we love you...especially Falafel. You know, we've got a very great time with this new friend, so I discovered many of his best qualities; first in dialog. Every time he needs some thing, he tells me. And I used to learn to understand someone's else language...in everything he has been as good as the others.

Sincerely your's,

And there you have it. Mama Congo is about more than Mamas and babies. We love our Papas and dogs too.

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