23 July 2012

Short List.

A short list to make up for last Friday's no-list:

This girl.  Check out what she has to say about getting braids in NY vs. Lagos, Nigeria.  Quality & Craft.  And, she praises the magic of Moroccan Oil!

Cape Town represents with this neat-o project.

What do you think?  Is it harder to make friends when you're in your 30's?  

Um, yes.  Will go perfectly with this.  Both fit my toy requirements, which are: lightweight and packs flat(ish).

And this - this trash toy geodesic dome is sweet.

An incredible article about Kenyan marathoner, Sammy Wanjiru.  Sorry you can't read the whole thing online unless you subscribe (argh....), but here's more writing about this tragic & amazing runner.

File:Samuel Wanjiru at 2008 Summer Olympics.jpg
Sammy Wanjiru image from WikiCommons; http://cc.nphoto.net/view/2008/12259.shtml

Track & Field, baby.  I recently realized a new passion for reading and watching running related stuff.  Not actually running, however.  Hmmm.

Made in China?

Did you know that both Johan and I are only children?  If only we had read this first...
More here.

Sarah is at the beach.  Johan's at a whiskey tasting.  Elias is bouncing off the walls.  Lou's stomping around in the fabulous vintage french red heels I scored at this little place in Brooklyn.  And, yeah, I cut my hair.

Less than two more weeks Stateside.  Eeep.  

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