7 September 2012

Friday List!

Jill's List:

There are exciting rumors of an upcoming wedding set to take place at TASOK.  This made me think of another lovely friend who decided that getting married right at home was a perfect plan.  The local Charlottesville, VA weekly did a write up about this fantastic venue idea.

I've always wanted to go trekking around Norway with my extra-ordinarily Nordic-looking spouse and children.  This makes it seem like a very reasonable idea. (Thanks to Virginia-to-Norway transplant, Matt Monger for the link!)

Bad news:  Still fighting to try and redeem some Star Alliance frequent flyer miles.  Everyone just tells me to talk to someone else.  Good news: My parents have officially confirmed that they will be meeting us in South Africa for Christmas/New Years!  You'd think after showing them the photo below, the decision would have been instantaneous:

We have a ton of eggplants right now.  Plus, a large sack of quinoa hustled in our checked baggage.  I think I'll make this

Yeah, me too.  I loved this.  And this

There are quite a few followers of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon in Kinshasa. Before moving to the DRC, mass-weddings were all I thought of  when picturing "Moonies" or member of the Unification Church.  I was surprised to find out early in our tenure here that I know and love people in Kinshasa who belong to this group.  They are feeling quite sad after his death this week. 

Did you know there is a serious blog about Four Square?  I had to look up the rules when Elias started asking complicated questions in preparation for recess today.  Craziness!

 Sarah's List:

I would like to see a calculation of how much of my life has been spent recalculating. Actually, maybe I don't. This kitchen cheat sheet is totally helpful. Can't we just all pick a system and stick with it.

Metric or Standard? Let's just call the whole thing off.
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Biking Nikon SFO 

A bunch of Argentinians re-create their past in this amazing/hilarious series of photos. Years later, how did they find the same clothes in adult sizes!?

I can't tell if this is a joke or not. Anyone ever heard of this? Morphsuits. The FAQs are the best in case you're wondering where to keep your wallet.

Did you know there's 24 trillion dollars buried under the ground in Congo? Well, kind of. All about China's deal with Congo and how our minerals account for 40% of the world's economy.

Expatify. That's right, there's a whole website for us. Information including, How to Deal with Foods You Miss From Home and Do Different Types of Expats Move to Different Areas? (Yes, the crazy ones go to Congo.)


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