16 September 2012

Friday List!

Jill's List:

Friends of friends of friends.  To quote one of those friends, "A few small minded people do not represent a country--the US or Libya."

Which makes this article particularly interesting. Thinking about what our U.S. Embassy here looks like.
 There has also long been tension among diplomats over whether the “Fortress America” approach of building imposing diplomatic compounds is less productive than allowing personnel to circulate in the countries where they are posted and permitting visitors to arrive at embassies without off-putting body inspections.

 Totally started watching "Call the Midwife."  Oh BBC and your adorable period dramas.  This show is like James Herriot - except with humans.  Read British gossip about the babies here.  And read about real midwives who advise accuracy for the show.  Awesome.

Thinking about my team.  (Take that, Bears.)  My side of the family was going bonkers. Although - I admit I'm not as dedicated as I could be.  I don't get up at 3am to listen to games in real-time on the radio.  Lots of people do this, apparently. (Like my husband.)

Photo snatched from Laura Greenday.

Go Collicello!  This is what's happening on our American street...

Obsess over details of American neighborhood life here

 Looking forward to a planning meeting with Sarah & Dr. Laure tomorrow.

 And -  Hip Hip Hooray! to the newest person we know: Josephine Aurora.  Good, good work, Mama Daniele & Papa Jon.  Sending congrats across the continent to Nairobi.  My, we love you, little girl...  

Photo courtesy of Jon & Daniele.  And Josephine.

Sarah's List:

For two years I went to Tahrir Square to get to school at The American University in Cairo. It’s really hard to imagine the scene there now. I have mostly happy memories of running to class through (nonviolent) mobs of people and hanging out at this place. Anyone know if Cilantro survived the revolution?

Big week for Congo. We have a new monkey! And the Congolese response is a collective, "We've known about this monkey for ages. Why is it suddenly 'new' because researchers find it?"

"We can read Arabic too!" The US embassy in Cairo calls out the Muslim Brotherhood for tweeting two very different messages in response to this week's events.

French artists from the year 1900 imagine what France will look like in the year 2000. According to their predictions, we're a little behind. Chicken-breeding machines anyone?

Paris skyline, France by Luke,Ma, on Flickr
No chicken breeders here.
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Luke,Ma 

I remember this photo series from a few years ago when it first circulated. Still totally fascinating to look at our global food disparity. I wonder how the Ahmed family of Cairo is doing today. Interested in a similar rundown of Congolese food consumption? Check this out.

Apparently you can "unbaby" your Facebook feed. Why on earth would anyone not want to look at my beautiful children? I pretty much live for Facebook photos of friends' new babies (see Josephine goodness above).

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  1. RE: last pic - I own "Hungry Planet" if any folks in Harrisonburg would like to borrow it. :)


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