6 October 2012

Friday List!

Jill's List:

I remember seeing this book before we moved to Kinshasa and then trying to buy it and finding out it could be mine for only $7,848.19 + $3.99 shipping.  This is not a joke.  See for yourself. I guess it is hardback...  But, it's haunting and I still want to read it.

We had to give back some of the furniture we have loved over the past year.  It's not all that bad - it gives us an excuse to have a look around this place and see what we can find.

Happy to use some of the rad "thank you" cards I bought at this great spot last summer because a lovely mom from school made me a chocolate salami!  

Yeah, PBS!

Weirdest craft project ever.  Beautiful blog.  Weird craft.  Seriously.

Beautiful flying houses.  I keep thinking that there are so many colonial shells around here that would be perfect for this project.

This might be our Halloween this year.  Except, I can't find any paper bags...

We swear we just found out about this very sweet blog in Kenya! Mama Congo loves Mama Mzungu and hopes we can share the rights to the expat mama blog name trend...

And.  Just discovered this Congo-centric blog.  Anyone know anything about this project?

And, still always reading this, this, and this for perspective.

The Francophonie is coming!  The Francophonie is coming!  Stay tuned...

Photo by J.H. on a Saturday drive.

Sarah's List:

Man, I'm always nervous when we check in our bags, but there's something about those stickily-perfect luggage tags that makes me think everything will be okay. Design genius.

“Gee, I would enjoy this banana so much more if I didn’t have to take off the peel,” said no one ever. Want to incur the wrath of an angry mob? Pre-peel bananas and package them in plastic. Design fail.

Last year we got South African satellite television just so we could watch this guy. The title of his book almost makes us want to re-up our subscription.

Their are lots of confusing words out they're. (Ha!) Fix 'em here.

Best of: Street Art.

Is giving birth easier for animals? Yes it is. And no it isn't. And what's obsession with dolphin births?

Thinking up my own Dear Blank, Please Blank.

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