15 October 2012


This week Laure's husband, Jean Baptiste died. I think my favorite memory of him is from an afternoon when Adam and I were taking him home to have dinner with the family. Along the way we got stuck in traffic and Jean Baptiste got out his phone to make a call. The kindness and joy in his voice made me think he had just reconnected with a long lost friend. Intrigued, I switched over into my French brain so I could eavesdrop and realized he had just called Laure to tell her we'd be a little later than we thought.

I don't know if I've ever heard a lovelier conversation between two people. And the subject was nothing more than waiting a little longer to put the food on the table, ma chérie.

We learned a lot of things from Jean Baptiste, but I think we'll remember most to speak a little sweeter to each other.

On Saturday Laure gave birth to a baby boy. She named him Jean Baptiste.


  1. I think for any of us, a legacy of being a testimony for kindness and sweetness is the most we can hope for.


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