15 November 2012

All I Want Is A Pair of Nude Pumps.

Warning.  Do not Google "nude pumps."  I did, and even our school iBoss protection system couldn't filter out what I found.

Why was I Googling such smut?

Because I am at that point in my Kinshasa tenure where I inappropriately want a pair of nude heels. 

Looking outside today, it is a day full of Congo muck.  Meaning, if I did somehow get nude-colored shoes, they would quickly succumb to a muddy suck puddle.  Sidewalks are unreliable.  Mud is perfectly prompt.

The view from my office window...

Maybe these "flocked rain wedges" by my favorite plastic shoe company are the solution?

Photo from Anthropologie.

This weather description makes my shoe obsession all the more obscene.

Then, there is the fact that I have been a failure at heels.  This is something that I really should put on a "To-Do" list.  I don't want to be that girl who says, "Oh, there's no way I can wear heels!"  I want to be so good at wearing heels that I can wear nude ones and walk successfully through the mud of rainy season Kinshasa.  I think that would be a good addition to my life's accomplishments.

#2, 4, &7 can be found Nordstrom.  & #1, 3, 5, & 6 at J. Crew.

Therefore, I am collecting candidates (see above).  Do I order online and force my loved ones to use precious baggage allowance to carry my shoes to me from afar?  Or, do I wait and spend time wandering the shiny extremes of V & A Waterfront in Cape Town? 

A little fake-shopping is in order, I think.  Which, makes me wonder if I will ever buy nude pumps in real life.


  1. Oh thanks. Now I have an almost irresistible urge to google nude pumps.

  2. I have #2 and i LOVE them. Nude pumps are stylish and go with everything!

  3. Also, all scuffs can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Mine still look new after a year.


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