6 November 2012

Allez Voter!

Hey - go vote, American folks!

We tried to have a patriotic photo shoot in honor of today: 

Okay, found the right flag...

Today has been spent calculating time differences in preparation for tonight's American-in-Congo strategy: stay up all night or wake up at 5am when the real election results start coming in and checking FiveThirtyEight obsessively.

My Grades 6 and 7 self-organized a vote in class today.  It was a landslide for Obama.

(Insert nail biting.)  

See you on the other side...

1 comment:

  1. We were up anyway so went on over to ex-pat central to watch the results. Very exciting!! I understand that in Kogelo (where his grandmother lives) they were really celebrating and even staged their own mock election (Romney got 1 vote. Who did that!?!?)


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