14 January 2013

Cast Off: A DIY Photo Essay

After a bit of a hiatus, Mama Congo is back and well-rested. First up, let's review. Remember the time Adam broke his hand and I was more concerned about my sore throat? (C'mon, it was a really bad sore throat.)

The time finally came for his cast to come off. So on our first day of vacation when everyone was jet set to exotic locales, we took a field trip to our community workshop, better known as the atelier.

Atelier workshop. More fun for the children than any vacation destination.

Here our favorite Maintenance Manager Neil, met us to do the deed.

Neil the "MM." He fixes things, builds things and performs tasks ordinarily reserved for medical professionals.

He started with what I am told are called tin snips. (An entertaining and educational field trip.) Adam is obviously extremely comfortable with this and not concerned whatsoever.

The look of utter relaxation.

Confirming that look of relaxation.

And then the vise came into play.

I swear that's a look of concern, sympathy and love--having nothing to do with "I told you so."

Neil pre-made a metal plate just to Adam's specifications to protect him during the process. Perhaps the sweetest, most personal thing anyone's ever done for him.

Trying out Adam's favorite Christmas gift.
Does it really get any better for a 6-year-old? Best day ever.

And then the saw came out.

More incriminating evidence that I will not win wife-of-the-year.

Meanwhile the children play unsupervised amongst the power tools.

Grease face.

Snot face.

The moment we've all been waiting for...

 Is quite disgusting...

And that, children, is why you should never break a bone away from home. 

*All photos by Jill Humphrey, who can make an atelier workshop look like the most beautifully lit photography studio.


  1. OH I miss you guys so! Just as witty as you were when I first met you on a Cairene subway...and probably just as loud!

  2. I'm loud? AM I LOUD? I mean, miss you too!

  3. Miss you guys, good to know that Adam is ok after all. Love your kiddos!

  4. I'm glad I was pre-prepared for this! Hats off to Dr. Neil, as fine of a self-taught surgeon as can be found anywhere.

  5. Back in one piece. Church member with Viola Allen

  6. I almost spilled my beer at the grease face/snot face pictures. Kudos. Good captioning.


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