26 January 2013

Winter, Here We Come

I’m about to make an unexpected trip to the United States - and I’ve just realized it’s January over there. (Listen, it’s surprisingly difficult to keep up with the month when the weather stays the same year-round. Don’t judge.)

I have experienced exactly one winter in the last eight years and it was only for a few weeks. We went to the States for Charlotte’s first Christmas. I remember nothing except feeling exhausted and nauseous the entire time, which I blamed on cold weather. Then I learned I had been pregnant for an embarrassingly long time, without a clue. And that is my memory of the last time I was cold. 

And this is what happened to Charlotte's beautiful face. Windburn and chapping. It wasn't pretty.

Every June when we get back to the States, I look around at everyone and think, "Wow, you've all made it through another winter. You've worn so many layers of clothing. How did you do it?!"

And so, I’m trying to mentally prepare for the cold. It’s like when there are too many air conditioners on, right? Or maybe it’s more like that time a few weeks ago when I wore long sleeves because it had just rained and there was a light breeze?

I can’t stress how much I hate the cold. When I was little I was literally allergic to being cold. I would break out in hives and have to take warm oatmeal baths. I slept under an electric blanket in the summer. Yesterday Charlotte said she was “SO COLD” and wanted to take a warm bath. It was one of the hottest days of the year…in the tropical Congo. She is not coming with me on this trip.

This time it's just me and Annaïs and she's only experienced winter in utero. Next Post: Baby’s First sub 85° Weather.

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  1. We're keeping our house snuggy warm - just in case you venture over here. I gotta admit that it's been brutal. I like cold, but not single digit mornings, especially when I forget to start the car before heading off to work (yesterday). We ordered up a January heat wave for you though. I think temps are supposed to top 40 tomorrow and 60 later in the week - WOOHOO! Excited to see you and Ani again, even though the circumstances are difficult.


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