31 March 2013

Friday List!

Sarah's List:

Adam and I are kicking our heels up, putting our winter boots on and leaving the kids behind for our Belgian adventure. While dear friend Sara Rich is away on her own vacation, we'll be staying in her apartment, visiting all her favorite places and wearing her clothes. That's not weird, right?

In true Sara Rich form, she sent us a personalized Google Map of Brussels. Has there ever been a greater hostess? Can't get enough of Sara Rich? (We obviously can't), check out her blog Beans & Rice for the Soul.

Eatin' waffles and takin' names. From here.

This past week a friend said in passing, "I'm headed to meet someone kind of famous. I can't remember the name. I think it's something like...Angelina Jolie?" True story. But it gets worse. This was an American friend. I had to cross reference. She was in fact here. Welcome Angelina, or whatever your name is...

Photo: rown Copyright/MOD. From here.

Check out this retro car seat and the fascinating evolution of other baby equipment here.

Image from here.

Oh man, how many times have you felt like this:

From thethingswesay.com.

We love blogs by mamas. Especially Mama's Minutia! Check out some really great posts by a fellow mama abroad. We especially loved this post last week which threw oh, around 1,000 extra views our way. Super pleased to rub elbows with such a superstar blogger.

Image from Mama's Minutia.

Jill's List:

I had this high school boyfriend who really knew how to crack a coconut.  He was seriously good at it. We could have used some tips today when Elias wanted to open the adorable coconuts which appeared in his Easter basket. (Hey, they were cheap and vaguely egg-shaped.)  I may have told him to "go bash them on some rocks or something."  And this is what he produced...not half bad:

That tips video (see above link) from the long-gone Gourmet Magazine makes me wistful.  Remember Domino magazine?  I still remember when I received the card in the mail "inviting me to explore Glamour" in place of my preferred, slightly bad-ass, Jane.  Seems like I'm not alone in my wistfulness for periodical days gone by.

Speaking of words in print...David Sedaris.  One of the best things that I did upon moving to the Congo was to purchase a digital subscription to the New Yorker.  Even though an edition takes like 50 hours to download, when it's complete, it means that I can read things like this in the jungle:
There was nothing that the authorities demanded that he couldn't locate:  our original birth certificates, a hank of his grandmother's hair, the shoes I wore when I was twelve.  People think it's easy to leave home and resettle in another country, but in fact it's exhausting and purposefully so.
The picture in my stolen [passport] wasn't half bad, but in the new one I look like a penis with an old person's face drawn on it.
Check out his new book, coming in April - thank goodness for my Kindle.

Image from Hachette Book Group.

Seeing this makes me want a career in event and space styling (who knew?).  This pair styled the Woodstock Foundry in CapeTown which thoroughly wooed me with it's beautifulness last Christmas...

The Foundry by Gather
Craig's best little hair shop - The Lobby + another lovely space style by "Gather." 

And.  Anxiously waiting for Atoms for Peace to finish Dropboxing it's way to me...though Sound Opinions was a little unsure...

Image from Atoms for Peace

Happy Easter Mama-Congo-kid-style!

I swear this was not posed.


  1. Oh my, that pic of the Easter kids KILLS me. Adam and I are just sitting here rolling!

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