5 July 2013

Friday List!

Sarah's List:

Feeling a little offended, Obama Family, that you waited until we left to take your Africa trip. Here's a good photographic round-up of their tour. Below is my favorite shot that gives some perspective of the size of that fascinating/controversial/tallest statue in Africa. Read more about it here.

Image from TIME Swampand.

And even more importantly, a Michelle Obama outfit round-up.

In orange in South Africa.

Elsewhere on the continent, The Origins of War in the DRC.

By Armin Rosen, from here.

Truth and Lies, in clever posters.

By Justin Barber. So true...and false from here.

It's been months, but we're still trying to get over this place. Are you in Brussels this summer? Don't miss the best pizza of your life at Mamma Roma.

From thePetitFour.com.

Apparently Parisians are having a hard time dealing with us. Us tourists, that is. So they've come up with a guide, Do you speak Touriste? in which they're instructed that Americans like to eat dinner early and be reassured on prices. That sounds about right.

From doyouspeaktouriste.fr.

In Harrisonburg this summer? A great baby store and a great friend are combining forces in the art opening of Pups. We're so there.

It's hard to believe I bummed around Tahrir every day during my grad school years. Look at it now! Salam, Egypt.

Jill's List:

I almost forgot it was the 4th of July until someone complimented me on my children's patriotic outfits.  Which were totally intentional.  We're hanging out on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina this week, so we have the choice to celebrate with a "lighthouse tour with locals Chuck and Sammy" followed by "famous fishcake sandwiches" and "traditional square dance."  (The children's scalps will be coated in glitter until they are teenagers thanks to those hats.)

My stylish-with-a-sassy-sense-of-humor friend sent me a link to this similarly stylish-with-a-sassy-sense-of-humor Pinter-blog called "My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter."  Example:

One time Quinoa thought she had accidentally squashed a bug, but what she had really squashed was all the predictable style rules society has tried to place on her.

Visiting Chapel Hill next week.  Every time I say "Chapel Hill" - some stranger's ears perk up and they run over to voluntarily wax eloquent on how incredible this place is.  My expectations are high.

Image from here.

Loving this link from Joanna - especially since Congo is the world center for blood diamonds.  Check out these stunning rings...  I never had (or really wanted) a diamond ring, but this site has me drooling.

Image from Bario Neal Tumblr.

Elias is at that weird time as a new reader where he can read chapter-ish books, but they are just a little too hard to be totally enjoyable independently.  So - I bought a couple of kid graphic novels.  Like this one.  What summer reading strategies work for you and your kids?

Image from Tiny Bop, Inc.  Where I get the best App, Book, Website, and Music ideas.

For Loulou, I've been geeking out in joy over those bins of books at Goodwill.  Our luggage is going to be ridiculous going back to Congo.  But, a family must have priorities.  Currently, I'm hoping to find this book.  Hey, the 80's are hardly (never) ever celebrated as a prime time for graphic design, but this 1983 picture book calls that idea into question.

Image from the book, "Gorilla" - discovered at the always brilliant blog Vintage Books My Kid Loves.

Following Egypt news closely.  Unbelievable and confusing.  Is it time for celebration or fear?  Both?

Image from BBC.com

And.  In case you haven't already read this article, read it now.  Birth in America = a pretty penny.

We think a lot about souvenirs.  It's not easy when the exotic place you live has little to offer in the way of a traditional tourist industry.  So, you have to get creative.  (Hmmm...I'm feeling a future post coming on.)  Check out these amazing ideas from the French grocery store.  Mais oui!

Image from Design Mom.

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