23 July 2013

The Perfect Bag

This summer has been all about the perfect leather bag.

Why would Sarah and I both feel the need to make such an investment while we live in...the Congo? After all, I was in the market for a bag after my beloved T.J. Maxx yellow leather deal was slashed during my birthday visit to the Grand Marché (I'm okay, Mom. Really.)  To that bag's credit, the thief didn't get a thing.  Besides, it was my fault for bringing anything of value to one of the most voleur-ridden places in Central Africa.

Anyway, Sarah posted a few weeks ago about how she was also looking for an ideal bag and someone suggested right here on Mama Congo that she "look no further" than Mim's of Maine on Etsy.  And she didn't.

We did a little photo shoot during Elias' birthday party because everyone was going nuts for Sarah's new perfect purse.

PETITE HOBO PACK 'three in one.' Similar to this.

Sarah says: I couldn't decide if I wanted messenger or an over-the-shoulder bag. Then a small part of me kind of liked the idea of getting a backpack and I could feel totally free chasing my kids around.

Guess what! This bag can be a messenger, over-the-shoulder and it cinches up to be a backpack. You can even pick out your own size, leather and fabric for the inside.

A few more styles:

MID HOBO PACK 'three in one.' Find it here.

Tiny Sling. Find it here.

Field Messenger. Find it here.

The best part is, you can get one too!  The folks at Mim's of Maine are making it a little easier with a coupon code just for Mama Congo readers. Head on over to her Etsy shop and use the code "Travellight" for an extra 10% off.


  1. I have the mini hobo from Mim's and I LOVE IT!! It is seriously the best bag I have ever bought and I am so glad to know someone else loves their products too! xo Kristina

  2. I love Mim's purses! This is my first, but surely not my last.

  3. Lovely! Is the in the English Red Leather? Hoping to order one in the same lovely color!


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