16 October 2013

Falling Whistles

If you've yet to discover the organization Falling Whistles. Check it out here. In fact, the way I first heard of Falling Whistles was from a friend when I said I live in Congo. "Oh, have you heard of Falling Whistles?"

Lately, this is the typical response whenever I mention we live in Congo. "Have you heard of Falling Whistles?" Obviously this organization is on to something if they're the first thing you think of when you hear Congo.

Falling Whistles campaigns for peace in Congo using the symbol of a whistle. Often child soldiers are charged with carrying the whistles because they are too little to carry weapons. That's a powerful symbol.

You too can be a whistle blower for peace and start a conversation by supporting them here. They also have a great blog about all things Congo, which ahem recently profiled Mama Congo in this Q&A.

Wear your protest (like this guy!) and elevate the conversation.

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