5 October 2013

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Did you know if you live outside the US, there are many websites we can't access? But we do get good healthcare! It's a fair tradeoff. John Stewart gets it, and this week sent us to another site to watch his show. Free healthcare and The Daily Show? Be very jealous.

This made me laugh. If Congress Got Stuff Done Like Roommates.

"Hey duders, Just wanted to shoot everybody an email saying 
there's kinda a lot of stuff that needs to be done..."

The latest news on eyebrows. Everyone knows this is an issue near and dear to my heart. I mean eyes.

Nefertiti Bust Restoration by GeometerArtist, on Flickr
Even Nefertiti's restoration required shaping up her eyebrows.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  GeometerArtist 

This book looks so fascinating. A peek inside Iranian living rooms? Yes, please.

While I'm not so sure that giving money to child beggars is the absolute worst thing you can do as a tourist, here's an interesting piece on the matter.

My sister sent our kids this picture of Uncle Ryan and Elmo in New York City. They freaked out. I replied with the NYT article about this Elmo's "disturbing past." Then she freaked out.

And I dare you to watch this just one time. Or less than 50 times.

Jill's List:

Elias has already changed his Halloween costume idea like 50 times.  Maybe we'll show him this slideshow for some inspiration.

Image found here.

Read Chekov (or maybe some Wendell Berry) to be more empathetic and emotionally intelligent.  (It's scientifically proven!)

I have a huge bag of lemons in my fridge.  There was a sale and both Johan and I filled up at the grocery store without checking with each other first.  Here, you always take your fruits and veg and have them bagged and weighed far before you even approach a register.  Once that bag is tied, you have committed.  Maybe I need to make some of these?

While planning for a Middle School Workshop on Community and how to generally be nice, I was informed that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had a song that was popular with the young folk. I had absolutely never heard of these people.  Does this make me old, cool, or clueless?

Follow these stories about girls and their dreams around the world during the month of October. (You might even see the DRC featured..!)

Feeling a little jealous of people living with seasons.  Especially when I see things like this.  Fall in the Northwest is like nothing else.

Trying to locate a replacement for my favorite piece of jewelry.  I bought two strands of Ethiopian brass heishi beads in Cape Town (I know, random.) last year and wear them nearly everyday.  I'm just preparing for the inevitable break, drop, or lose.  Seems like this is an option.


Ugh.  Yep.  Children playing alone because there's nowhere else to go.  And this is not a story about Congo.

8th Grade Teachers really should rule the world. (Or just the U.S. government.)  I love the photo they use to illustrate the article.  I swear that's exactly what my middle school teachers looked like.

And.  Speaking of middle school teachers...please take a second to read all about EduCorps, a project to support teachers in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.  This is the vision of the one and only Sara Rich (whom I have never actually met, but feel like I know).  She is stupendous.

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