16 November 2013

Weekend List!

Sarah's List: 

Sometimes you come across something so well written, you can't stop reading. On drugs, rehab and frozen yogurt.

And then you find something so interesting, you can't stop reading. 16 foreigners try to explain America to their friends back home.

Who doesn't like a good doppleganger photo essay? These folks aren't even related! I saw my doppleganger once. And no, it wasn't that girl from How I Met Your Mother. Shut up.

I know, I know. I'm about 6 months behind, but I live in Congo so bear with me as I obsess about Orange is the New Black. In case you missed this article, way back when the rest of the world was watching this show, here's an interesting interview with the real Piper!

Do you know about African Grey Parrots? You should. They're amazingly smart. The smartest in the world, in fact. And they're all over here. There's one that mimics my ringtone and one that yells, "Falafel!" Because he's heard us over and over call for our dog. And I once got really teary at a dinner party when a guest told me the last words an African Grey had said to his friend before he died were, "You take care now." Seriously, the bird said that. Leave it to Jane Goodall to help them out.

Oh my. Mothers in the first 24 hours. Doesn't get any better than this.

Here's an interesting piece on the Advantages of Children Living Abroad. I know lots of expat kids. They're not all so great. But as long at the ratio of great to not-so-great kids stays in our favor, I'm happy with our chances of not raising jerks.

Our child actually thinks she's Pippi Longstocking.

 But speaking of jerk expat kids, here's what Pippi says about Congo. From Chapter 1:

"Let me tell you that in the Congo there is not a single person who tells the truth. 
They lie all day long. Begin at seven in the morning and keep on until sundown. 
So if I should happen to lie now and then, 
you must try to excuse me and remember 
that it is only because I stayed in the Congo a little too long."

Tell me more, oh wise Pippi.

Jill's List:

Slightly inappropriate and super hysterical - especially if you have ever written a lesson plan or Bloomed a learning objective.  You really don't even need to be a girl to appreciate Hey Girl Teacher. Thanks, Erin!

Hey Teacher, Tell me about it.

Submission: Jill
From Hey Girl Teacher.  Go here to see more!

Not emotionally ready to think about this list yet.  At least I don't have to worry about this one:
8. Suddenly remembering all of the “touristy” things you never took the time to do — monuments you didn’t see, museums you didn’t tour — because you told yourself you would get to it next month, next year, someday.

I used to take photographs for Johan's bands and it was always a struggle to avoid the barn door, dirty alley, casual foot prop, or other various angsty clichés.  This round up is hysterical.

Adorable band boys.  Circa 2004.  Somewhere on an angsty Seattle rooftop.  Real Polaroid, essential.

Got this little bottle of sparkle as a present from a friend who knows my love of the French pharmacy. Sold on gold.

This essay is so important.  Stillbirth is a topic no one knows how to talk about - so most don't.  I read this book after taking care of my first family during the birth and death of their child.  The story remains remains with me.  Thanks, Joanna.

Ah. To gripe about early retirement.  (If you still want to do it, here are some tips.)

Image from Wiki Commons.

Oh no - will this happen to Loulou and Eli?

Doctors should listen to car mechanics more often...?

Received a gift of some crazy good kimchi today.  Said thank you with these.   Reason #1,546 it's awesome for your kid to have friends from all over the world.

And.  A new band so I can impress my Lebanese friends - maybe.  (Turns out, I kind of love Arabic pop.)  Thanks, Anna.

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