9 November 2013

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Good Congo News! A little over a year ago these guys were threatening to terrorize the country all the way to Kinshasa. But this week the M23 says they're done. Good news, indeed.

Image from Sara Rich's blog. Read all about it here.

Speaking of Sara Rich (see image above). I think I'm about to have a friend who's really famous. Check out her organization EduCorps. It's genius, really.

It still tickles me that when you search "TASOK" this is the picture comes up. Sara Rich all packed up and ready to leave us.

Russell Feingold is becoming a Congolese household name. Here's an example: "Who is this Russell Feingold? Why is he here? What is he doing? I think I should care about him. Can you Google if he is in Kinshasa and where he is staying so I can go introduce myself to him?" Absolutely!

Here's an interesting way to capture a pirate king. Play to his ego and lure him to your country in a reverse Argo-esque scheme. Here's the story.

What did New York look like in 1939? Check out this film!

A funny thing happens when you share a name with a mayor-elect.

From the department of I Still Think 1990 was 10 Years Ago, 20 songs you can't even believe are 20 years old.

Fall makes me think of college. Here are some of the most beautiful ones (and the ugliest ones). Who knew I spent 4 years at a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I've thought about this article since it came out 4 years ago. It's resurfacing. A good read on stick-to-it-iveness.

And one more. Fascinating, beautiful, moving.

"Fall" in Congo.

Jill's List:

The other evening, I went to the closest Vodacom shop to get some credit and Loulou and I found ourselves in the middle of a bonafide, liquored-up, parking lot dance party - with laser lights.  The reason?  The grand opening of a new Woodin shop.  Controversy is great for blogs...so, here goes:  Vlisco or Woodin? Which is better?  (I'm still partial to Vlisco, but that's just because of their incredible billboards.)

Last month's Vlisco billboard on Bouldevard de 30 Juin, Kinshasa.  I want that dress.

I live with a man who hates The Sound of Music.  I know, how does this sort of thing happen?  Turns out he's not alone.  Check out NPR's A Complete Curmudgeon's Guide to TSoM.  For example:

9. The "Lonely Goatherd" puppet show is all about coerced mountain marriages, including coerced goat marriages, which send a bad message to children and anthropomorphized goats.

And then there's this McSweeny's.  Brilliant.  Almost turned me into a curmudgeon.

My first job as a nurse was at Neighborcare Health. The doctors, medical assistants, and midwives whom I worked with had an unwavering commitment to the most disadvantaged populations of Seattle.  The patients taught me that everyone deserves health care.  Check out this shout out in the HuffPost.

Kamala Khan!

Kamala Khan.jpg
From here.

Thinking of our friends in Cairo this week.  Wondering if this article is true.

Photo by Erin Velzeboer.  Remember her?

Johan has spent all morning putting together a Saved By the Bell/Jurassic Park themed playlist.  Favorites?  Johnny Cash's The Dinosaur Song, Nirvana's School, and Les Calamit├ęsversion of The Kids Are Alright.  Keeping it real in the Congo.

Struggling with this a little.  Especially when my three-year-old wants to listen too.

Bedtime reading.  Thank goodness for iPads.  We didn't have to pack all billion pages of Harry Potter in our luggage.

And.  Best Facebook conversation ever:

Loving Orange is the New Black, especially with the shout-out to Kinshasa as a place where there are starving people because "just saying Africa would be racist."
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Jared Shenk Just wait until you get to the shoutout to Waynesboro, VA 

(That last comment courtesy of today's rainstorm, which has probably knocked out the Internet.)  Going now to get the first season.  


  1. That Harry Potter link is really interesting. My daughter is five, and she is sitting next to me while I'm on the computer. She can read some things, but not most. Right before I clicked to this post I was looking at Google News and realized it won't be much longer until I can't check the news with her next to me. I dread the day when she can read headlines like "Woman Raped by Fake Cop." I've been so excited for her to be able to read, but it crushes me that it also means her innocence will disappear faster as she is able to read about the horrible things in the world too. I can't decide what age I think she'll be ready for Harry Potter-- I can't wait until she is! But I don't think she's ready quite yet.


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