21 January 2014

Bélya and the Magic of African Print

A few weeks ago we linked to African Prints in Fashion. Have you checked it out? They're about all things African print or pagne as we call it here in Congo.

African print is everywhere. Can you think of anything else we use to hold our babies on our backs that also looks good on a pair of Vans?

Pagne is our curtains, our clothes, and the dozen or so headbands my kids fight over in the mornings. Oh and now it's a line at Target.

So when I saw these designs by Bélya on African Prints in Fashion, I did a double take. I can't remember ever seeing pagne used in such a beautiful way.

This is our tablecloth looking as fine as can be on a leather purse. (See, here it is also serving as a backdrop for a worm.)

And wouldya just look at these boots?

And these shoes.

This bag!

And portes monnaies.

But guess what! You don't have to live in Africa to order. Go to Bélya's Etsy shop and check out all the amazing things Senegalese owner and designer Aïssatou Sene has there.

Because Aïssatou is not only a fabulous designer, but also Mama Congo's newest reader, she has offered 10% off on orders $100 or more. And she'll ship from Senegal if ordering from Africa! Be sure you mention Mama Congo when ordering.

Check back mid-February for even more designs on the Bélya site.

Thank you, Aïssatou! Best of luck on the start-up of beautiful Bélya.


  1. Every single piece is amazing. I am especially longing for those brogues.

  2. I can view Etsy, but not the products on the website. Each item says "Aucun produit ne correspond à la sélection". Any ideas? J'ai envie de les voir!

  3. The website will be up and running with products for purchase in the next few weeks. For now, Etsy it is!

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