12 January 2014

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Check out these Swedes who got married and changed their last names to something entirely new. Who does that?! I don't know, Mohammedsson does have a nice ring to it.  

Maust + Sensabaugh = Sensamaust
 (see how that works?)

The best books on the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before the Birth of the Moon looks ridiculously fascinating. But as always, I recommend starting with this primer for kids:

But it here.

5 words you may not have known are hateful. 

28 funny notes written by kids. 

Amazing Travel Complaints. I'm fairly certain I've linked to this before, but it's so good I'm putting it in again. 

Don't like the color of the sand? File a complaint. (Zanzibar 2010.)

Happy Birthday iPhone. Here are 7 Things You Killed

And for those of you who sent notes of concern for Falafel after we left him behind in this post. He's just fine. See: 

Proof he's okay. And only a little offended.

Jill's List:

Laughing gas is making a comeback in U.S. delivery rooms.  Friends who have recently had babies in Nairobi totally used nitrous oxide or "gas and air" during labor and gave it pretty good reviews. Any thoughts?

I recently looked up the eligibility requirements for blood donation in the U.S. - wishing I could participate in this blood drive to honor a beautiful mother and her baby - and found that though I can donate again after I've been out of a malaria zone for three years, my combined three months in the U.K. between the fateful years of 1980 and 1996 knock me out of the running.  Thanks a lot, mad cow diseaseYou, however, should consider making a donation! In the meantime, I'm going to be doing a little digging into what the blood donation/supply situation is like here in Kinshasa.

Photo: If you're like me, you know that this family is experiencing a pain that you and I can not change. So, tomorrow, you and I will help replenish the much needed blood supply in our area. 

With every drop donated tomorrow, you can bet it will match a tear that has already been shed by family and friends. 
With every drop given tomorrow, it will be with every hope and prayer that we give to little Ramzey.

So tomorrow, if you think it's going to be too cold to come out... I commit to being outside waiting for you.

If you think you're too tired, I commit to being your cheerleader. 

If you're afraid of a needle, I commit to help calm your fears. 

If you can't donate, I commit to say thank you for offering your support.



Be there, Amber
In Virginia, use code 9320 for "Team Jackie & Ramzey" when you donate!
If you are donating elsewhere in the world - make sure you take a picture and send it here.
No family should have to wonder if there will be "enough" blood.

This pregnant ballerina.

Having a funny time trying to locate winter clothing for Johan to wear when he lands in January's Boston & New York on Tuesday.  We are getting a hilarious hodge-podge of donations from the strange people in Kinshasa who keep coats and mittens in their closets. (This is where I link to the polar vortex, right?)

This should keep him totally warm in Boston, right?

I'm working on a piece for World Moms Blog right now about how I can't figure out how to write about Africa anymore. I haven't made much progress.  So, I'm reading about how not to write about Africa.  And re-reading my favorite essay, "How to Write About Africa".

Happy about the tiny perfume samples I ordered from Le Labo.  Especially Fleur D'Oranger. Though, the little tube of Eau Duelle from Diptyque I received for free with an over-indulgent candle order will always be my favorite.

It was sad to see my parents fly back to the U.S.  It's been good.  We sent them home with 100 pounds of books (early packing), rapid malaria tests, Coartem, (since malaria isn't exactly common in the States, the diagnosis and treatment can be a bit tricky outside of the malaria zone) and some really weird gifts - all wrapped in Barack Obama bags.

File:Chapter 8.2 Image 1.JPG
Read more about the cartoon eradication of malaria in the U.S. here.


  1. About blood donation: have you heard this radiolab on blood? (http://www.radiolab.org/story/308403-blood/) It's fascinating. I just heard the last 20 minutes or so. I didn't realize that blood donation was such a business.

  2. Laughing gas in the delivery room sounds like a jim-dandy idea to me. But a better idea would be to send the new parents home with a year's supply of laughing gas to be self-administered during those long sleep deprived nights when little newbie demands attention. I wonder if the gas comes through mama's milk. Ha ha - I'm imagining ...

  3. Gas and air (laughing gas): YES. I used it for my labour (in Australia, common over here) and it got me through the tough bits without need for the harder drugs. Very low risk from what the midwives told me.

  4. Gas & air: HATED IT. No laughing gas for baby #2, due in March... I didn't realize it was also big in Nairobi - very good to know...

  5. Do American hospitals NOT use laughing gas?? I have been a labor and delivery nurse here in Canada, a mere two hours from the US border, for over 11 years and we have always offered nitrous oxide as a pain relief option. A very good portion of my patients use N2O2 during their labor! Some love it, some hate it. I personally, love it! I always find it so weird how different American and Canadian hospitals are from each other, even though we're neighbors!


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