13 April 2014

Weekend List!

Lists are Back!

Jill's List:

Say what?  (Homeland + Cape Town fans, you will be happy.)

Elias.  On the lookout for threats to national security in Cape Town.

The daily rituals of artists.  I learned that in order to be brilliant, I may have to up my caffeine consumption and consider a daily, public ice bath.  (You should also check out Info We Trust.)

Teaching children how to apologize.  What do you think?


How are you feeling about the Colbert announcement?  This is a pretty great retrospective-summary-reflection.  The bit about Neutral Milk Hotel at the end really got me.

After observing/participating in hundreds of labors and births as a nurse, it really, really seems that the women who are the least "prepared" end up with the nicest birth experiences.  I have definitely seen internet-induced anxiety interfere with perfectly normal childbirth.  This article seems to agree.

My advice: Take pictures of yourself in the mirror instead of Googling-while-pregnant.

Oh, so sad.  Bye, Piecora's!

And I'm also sad about this maybe-closing.  I spent $50 on pens last July at this place.  I was kind of hoping to go back-to-school shopping here with my boy... (See, I even wrote an ode on this very blog.)

And for those of you in Kinshasa...start training!  The 2014 Kima Mbangu 5K Run/Walk (here's last year's event page) is scheduled for Saturday, May 17th.  We spent some hours filming a very entertaining promo video this weekend.  (Thanks, soccer guys who helped with this flashback scene.) A still:

Sarah's List:

In honor of the return of Weekend Lists, here are some lists.

14 Celebrities that look like Mattresses. Seriously.

9 Children's Book Morals for Adults.

20 Amazing Children's Room Ideas. #12 genius (and possible).


20 Rare Historical Photos. NASA before PowerPoint. Ha!

A new approach to sex ed for boys

Are we all in agreement that Comic Sans is terrible? I mean really, really terrible. So terrible that it's getting a makeover. What do you think of Comic Neue? Download it for free!

By bancomicsans.com (http://bancomicsans.com/pdf/nocomicsans8164.pdf) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Pope Benedict's only flaw: Using Comic Sans.

And how could geniuses make such a weird choice?

Why UPS Trucks Don't Turn Left.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about tipping. Where does your demographic fall on the Tipping Spectrum?

And if you've been within earshot of me in the last 3 weeks, I've been preaching executive summaries of "The Overprotected Kid." Just in case you missed it, you must read it. Let's stop watching our kids!

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