27 April 2014

Weekend List!

Sarah's List:

Women: Stop what you're doing and read this article, The Confidence Gap. If life were one long grade school, we'd be winning. But it's not and the boys are kicking our butts.

We Can Edit
By J. Howard Miller, artist employed by Westinghouse, poster used by the War Production Co-ordinating Committeemodified 
by Tom Morris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Jill and I read this birth story a collective 30 times this week. Then we read it to our husbands who didn't really care. It's an excerpt from this book of birth stories from women writers. I think birth can be best summed up by this:

"Every time I had a contraction I thought, you have got to be fucking kidding me! 
It seemed preposterous that this was the way birth got done. 
I felt solidly and profoundly connected to all the female mammals of the world. 
Not just the women who’d birthed, but the cats and the bears and the lemurs too."

Has your life been taken over by Frozen? Even in Congo we are not immune. Nor is the rest of the world. Now you can get Let It Go in 50 different languages. Libérée, Délivrée, anyone?

Mac keyboard tricks. I'm an, Edit, copy. Edit, paste girl myself, but if you're into taking shortcuts...

An interview with the real Alex of Orange is the New Black

Mama Youyou's recipe for nyanpul has been published! Every order of the cookbook Giving supports Women for Women International. Follow the instructions here to get your copy. Or if you're in the greater Harrisonburg area, let me know and I'll place a bulk order.

This week I subtly came clean about my love for Celine Dion. (Don't judge. I have my reasons.) Did you know there was a whole, serious book that studies the hatred of her? And it's just been reissued with new analytical essays. Sorry, Celine.

Jill's List:

We got to see/hear this guy last night:

I can vouch for the awesomeness of medical tourism.  My five-day South African hospitalization (complete with nightly rooibos tea and complimentary handsome window washer) cost less than a ride in an American ambulance.   Try these winners if you're interested.

Tea and rusks.

I'm in that pre-move limbo land where it's too soon to do very much except for worry about what there is to do. So, I'm studying this site and taking mental notes about how to live elegantly in impossibly small spaces (i.e. buy beautiful cleaning supplies).  Unfortunately, these instructions do not dial in the "child variable." Sigh.

Chaos by children.

The maybe reality of 40K::
 "Although most New Yorkers probably feel that housing in the city is too expensive, it is primarily those earning under $40,000 who literally may not be able to find an apartment they can afford."
"Here are some rich people whining about feeling poor."

Being poor, a child, and invisible.

Being poor, an immigrant, and living in 65 sq feet.

Important stories about being poor in America.

Proud to be separated by only two degrees from these beautiful garments.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 6.57.54 PM.png
Cistanthe gorgeousness in global fabrics.

Thanks to Bailey at Cistanthe for turning our attention to Alyssa at Pokuasi.  Community support in Ghana through small batch jewelry creation. Brass and glass beauty. (The website is currently under construction, but check back soon!)

Displaying photo.JPG
My own glass beads, procured from Ghana.  Go here to see some incredible pieces by Pokuasi and community.

Displaying photo.JPG

Stocking up at Lambada on Rue de Commerce. (Bonus: The story of Vlisco in Kinshasa + a great list of places to shop in Kinshasa).

Displaying photo.JPG

Image and caption from i fucking love science's Facebook page.

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  1. I think maybe the craziest creature in Congo is the idiot standing in the river holding the tigerfish! And sign me up for a copy of Giving. Give Mama YouYou a congratulations hug from me!


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