18 May 2014

Weekend List!

Sarah's List: 

Check out the When Nurture Calls Campaign.

My new obsession is buying quality, consignment clothing for my children. African wear and tear is hard on their clothes. And I can't run to Target for new toddler leggings when their knees poke through. Do you know about the world of online consignment shopping? A lot of the clothes on these sites are brand new with tags, others have only been worn once.

Here are my favorites:

Moxie Jean: Upscale Resale. It's easy to sort through the options on this site. They add new clothes every Monday and Thursday.


Schoola: More great consignment clothing. 40% of each sale goes to a school. Win-win. Plus, I had a few kid's items sitting in my shopping cart for less than 24 hours and they sent me an email saying, "We noticed you haven't made your purchase yet, we'll give you free shipping." Um, okay. Win-win-win.


thredUP: This one's a little bit dangerous because they have clothing for kids and adults. And purses and shoes. Oh my.

There is a shocking number of these kids consignment clothing websites. Do you have another favorite?

50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use.

Sara Rich talks race, class and privilege in Congo. Good work, Sara. Good work.

This girl is always thinking.

And here's what happens when you try to read too many Onion articles from abroad...

Jill's List:

This is what I have been Googling today.  We have a mirror and an amazing print by Arno Debal that I can't figure out how to transport on a plane to America intact.  Any suggestions, fellow travelers?

Displaying photo.JPG
Print by Arno Debal.

Photo by Jill.  Packing composition by Johan.

Spring (or "Rainy Season", depending on your location) hair.

I finally joined Instagram this week. My 7th graders told me I was dumb because I hadn't yet and so I did. This is my favorite thing to follow. (Some of my photos of Kinshasa street life are supposed to be appearing in the related Everyday Africa Project.  I'll keep you posted.)  And this was my inaugural photo:

Loulou, constantly perfecting the death glare.  I told her to smile before snapping the shot.

In 2006, I nicely asked the city of Seattle to let me defer my jury duty until I was done breastfeeding my baby.  They said okay.  I assumed they would.  Turns out, I should have been surprised. (Thanks, Alice.)

Eli and I in 2006.  Not serving on a jury.

Long live the library!  (Thanks, Olivia.)

Our most complicated packing issue.  Books are heavy.

A little magic is coming to Kinshasa.  As in a magic show.  Here.  Halle de Gombe. June 3 & 4.  (Thanks, Becca.)

And.  Kima Mbangu 2014 is done and dusted.  Still waiting on the grand tally raised for our partner organization, Les Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises.  A real, visible and holistic impact on the lives of Congolese women.


  1. I love the Everyday Africa Project - I blogged about it a week or so ago! Such beautiful photos, showing real life here. That's so great some of your photos will be featured!

  2. everyday africa, every day middle east, every day asia AND every day india- so many good ones!

  3. p.s. super jealous of that pagne in your suitcase.

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