23 August 2013

Friday List!

Jill's List:

How does a blogger decide which social media outlet is best?  Oh Joy! explains...

My hair is back to it's frizzy self, despite this, this, and this.  Sigh.  Garance understands.

Frizzy hair by hoosadork, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  hoosadork 

Looking for an esoteric movie to watch projector-style on our porch this weekend.  Considering these.  (Also, planning on sprinkling popcorn with harrisa olive oil. Other popcorn recipes here.)

Happy to have fancy paprika found on sale at this Brooklyn joint in my Kinshasa pantry.  Made this to celebrate.

The Brooklyn Kitchen by roboppy, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  roboppy 

Thinking of Goma.  It's not good on the other side this week.

Also pondering jail.  Who has been let out and who has been put in and what that means.

Everyone has been taking this introvert quiz.  So, are you?

My old professor on forgiving killers.

Looking for local Kinshasa online news sources for my Middle Schoolers (and myself). I've got this one, but need suggestions for others!  Any thoughts?

Obviously, not this one.

What do you think about this Psychology Today article?

Johan and I had a moment this week when we thought that our daughter was a musical prodigy and had written a beautiful little ditty called "Get Up in the Morning and See the Sun."  Until Elias outted her as a plagarizer.

And. The new African photographers. (Thanks, Mary Hope!)

Sarah's List:

Language learning as an adult really is the worst. Take this experience for example: Or Perhaps You Are Too Stupid To Learn French.

When Adam and I first started our French learning quest, we went here to this school and loved it. Even if our class was made up entirely of European teenagers learning their 4th language and a Don Bosco monk.

San Juan Capistrano, circa 1915 by Orange County Archives, on Flickr
Parlez-vous Français?
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Orange County Archives 

Have you seen this? It's the rest of Europe according to France. And in reference to the above link, if the United States was included, they would probably think we're just a bunch of one-language-speaking fools.

In keeping with the language-learning theme, the first few weeks of American school are pretty rough. Especially when you don't speak English. So we've spent a lot of time reading this book. I Hate English!

I Hate English! by Ellen Levine

How do people who change gender choose a name, you ask? Don't worry BBC's on it.

So Tina Fey says her 2-year-old is a sociopath. Aren't all children sociopaths and our job is to make sure they grow out of by the time they go to school? Or at least by the time they go to college?

Just working the sociopath out of 'em.

14 words that are their own opposites. Can you think of just one before looking? Oh man, it's no wonder they make entire children's books about hating this language. 

And a very happy birthday to my first favorite newborn, my little sister. You remember her, of Mama Congo fame here and here and here. Katie doesn't waste her time on silly blogs, but her husband is our biggest fan, so maybe he'll tip her off to the mention. P.S. Katie, you married well.

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